China's aluminum is now the first "China developed" international brand

A few days ago, the “lead-free 6020 modified alloy” developed by Guangdong aluminum giant “Feng Aluminium” was selected as an international brand. This is the first and only one in China in the past 52 years in the international deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy international International grades in the trademark registration form. According to Ge Lixin, secretary general of the National Standard Committee for Non-ferrous Metals Standardization Committee member, the successful development of this aluminum alloy means that the Chinese aluminum alloy basic material research and development has the capability of direct dialogue among international counterparts. Some experts pointed out that only this "Chinese research and development" international brand means that China has broken through the EU's promulgation of the 2003 "Restriction Criteria for Environmental Protection of Harmful Elements of Electrical and Electronic Products" in the international market and will increase the share of several hundred thousand tons. For China, the world’s largest producer of aluminum products, the emergence of “China Development” will trigger a wave of industrial upgrading. This upgrade will no longer be dominated by funds just like in the past, but will be hosted by academicians and experts. Class studio dominated. It is understood that the development of Feng Aluminum's "lead-free 6020 modified alloy" began in 2003. At that time, the European Union had promulgated the “Barriers to Environmental Protection of Harmful Elements of Electronic and Electrical Products” trade barriers. In response, some experts pointed out that the promulgation of this standard is very clear in its intentions. It is mainly aimed at China’s electronic and electrical products that have seen rapid export growth in recent years. .

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