Cause Analysis and Solution of VE Distribution Injection Pump Faults

VE pump plunger, work both the role of the role of pressure and distribution of oil, the rotation speed of 1000-2000r / minm, pump oil 4-6 times per revolution, with the gap of only 3nm, a little careless, pole Easy to die. The stuck position is usually in two places. First, stuck between the plunger and the sleeve. At this point the plunger is likely to be broken, the engine goes out, no longer start, no oil spray head from the same pump, no response to the gas door. Second, stuck between the piston and the drain ring. Drainage ring work only in the plunger surface of the slide, does not rotate, once stuck, the ring and plunger synchronous rotation, and the ball lever on the governor lever assembly does not allow the ring rotation, therefore, in the strong turning torque Under the action, the ball is squeezed, the lever assembly is forcibly twisted. At the moment of jamming, the dowel pin on the cam plate may be cut off. 1, unclean fuel is the main reason for stuck (1) oil in water or corrosive liquids, mistakenly added gasoline, diesel and other low-quality, leading to corrosion, damage to the lubricating oil film, causing stuck. (2) filter failure, tiny hard particles into the pump lead to stuck. (3) long-term operation of the pump is not maintained, the pump is installed in the engine side, often in high temperature, the fuel hydrocarbon compounds cracked into tiny carbon particles, attached to the wall of the parts, over time, and gradually accumulated into tiny particles, the tiny particles once Into the high-speed operation of the precision motor vice, is also one of the causes of stuck. (4) The rubber block in the pump is long-term subjected to torque and withstands the impact load. It is easy to age and easily peel into small particles after aging. Once these small particles enter the plunger cavity, it may also cause the plunger to jam . 2, improper operation during debugging is one of the reasons for the stuck plunger in the high-speed rotation of the plunger sleeve, between the lubrication and cooling of their surface, all by the pump oil distribution process, a small amount of fuel leaks, once no oil spill Out, the plunger can not heat and lubrication, serious failure may occur. For example, the commissioning of the solenoid valve is not connected to the power supply, or connected to the power supply after the solenoid valve does not work; another example, in debugging oil stop speed, the test bench for a long time, a lot of fuel leak from the drain ring, Oil is dispensed from the dispensing orifice. In this case, the piston and the sleeve surface without oil lubrication and heat, most likely stuck. 3, pouring cold water heating truck may also make the pump stuck normal operation, the pump is generally hot, this time should not be encountered pump cold water, to avoid the pump head casing contraction leading to the plug stuck.

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