Buy concrete pump should start point (below)

Due to low cost and adaptability, gear pump is widely used in the initial concrete pump, but due to its low pressure, high pulse resistance, it is usually used in low pressure pump or only in medium and high pressure pump Oil system; piston pump is divided into oblique and inclined axis, because of its adaptation to the pressure range, is now widely used. Such as the production of hydraulic machinery factory in Jiajiang HBTD40-6-55 low-pressure concrete pump, the main hydraulic pump on the use of Germany's Harvard V30D swash plate piston pump to high-level components to enhance the quality of the machine . Imported hydraulic pumps, such as the A4VG, A10VG, A11VG series of products from Rexroth AG of Germany and K3V and K5V swash plate type piston pumps from Kawasaki of Japan are world-class products. Domestic oblique axis piston pump to Guiyang, represented by the source of hydraulic A7V, A8V series of products is the quality of domestic piston pump, the quality is relatively reliable. Therefore, from the use of hydraulic pump grade, you can peep a concrete pump performance of the whole machine. Hydraulic valve Hydraulic valve is the "assistant" of hydraulic pump, including sequence valve, pressure reducing valve, reversing valve, unloading valve, check valve and switching valve. Domestic valve, unloading valve to Shanghai Lixin, Beijing Huade products better, but in sequence valves, valves and other technical difficulties, high reliability valves on the choice of Germany Hawe, Rexroth , The United States Eaton, Wei Geshi, Italy Atos (Atos), Japan Yuken and other world-renowned brands better, so that concrete pump performance can be a reliable guarantee. If a hydraulic valve group fails, it will affect the action of the whole machine; Therefore, the purchase of concrete pump, not only depends on the "heart", but also depends on its "assistant" to achieve the best configuration. Electrical components Concrete pump on the electrical components are contactors, circuit breakers, relays, etc., which operate according to logic programs to control the work of related components. Domestic electrical components although the price advantage, but the reliability and life-span and the quality of imported or joint brand components is still a gap. Such as the French Schneider contactor, Germany's Siemens circuit breakers, Japan's small Omron relay, are the best in its class. In order to reduce the number of electrical contacts and more failures, some manufacturers have PLC (programmable logic controller) applied to the concrete pump, in order to reduce the electrical system mechanical contacts to a minimum. PLC applications, to achieve a non-contact program control, but also to facilitate the realization of automated remote control, microcomputer fault detection program written to show the cause of the malfunction, to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the system. Comprehensive analysis of the brand and service Apart from the "hardware" configuration of concrete pump selection, but also the analysis of the "software" level: such as the brand's production history, research and development capabilities, service capabilities and so on. Formal large-scale enterprises in the research and development strength, quality assurance, after-sales service and spare parts supply, have a better performance, allowing users to worry about. For example, a type HB30 "Jiajiang Pump" of Seventh Engineering Bureau of Zhongshui Group, after 21 years of use, the factory can still provide enough spare parts is a typical example. In summary, the purchase of concrete pump, not only to choose the brand, the election performance, the level of election components, but also depends on the research and development of manufacturing enterprises, production history, but also depends on the level of after-sales service and product cost.

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