Asphalt heat pump several advantages

The value of asphalt insulation pump Not only from the price point of view, to consider its function and quality, as well as the cost of installation and maintenance and other accessories, the reliability of asphalt pump operation Strictly speaking, this experiment has not been formally included in China's professional bilge pump Standard, in order to ensure the quality of regular manufacturers should choose the brand-name products. In some occasions, the number of actions is not much, but the reliability requirements are very high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, must not be taken lightly. Particularly important, two double insurance should be used. Asphalt insulation pump economy is one of the criteria for its selection, but must be safe, applicable, and reliable based on the economy, asphalt pump in the entire automation system or even the production line costs are minimal, if the attempt to cheaper and wrong selection Damage groups are huge. Asphalt heat pump for conveying solid particles, the temperature is not higher than 250 degrees bitumen, heavy oil, plastic, resin and other types at room temperature in the setting and alpine outdoor installation and process requirements of insulation occasions high viscosity medium And corrosive media. Insulation of LQB asphalt heat pump is because there is a hollow interlayer in the pump body and an inlet and outlet flange for heat transfer, heat preservation and cooling of transported liquids and pumps by conducting oil, steam, hot water and other media. The insulation gear pump double arc point meshing gear drive. Tooth width sufficient to achieve multi-tooth meshing, and each pair of teeth have two meshing point, meshing point at a large radius of curvature. Therefore, multi-point meshing double arc gear with high contact strength, smooth transmission, low noise. After the carrier runs, the point contact becomes linear contact gradually. The sensibility of the line contact of the involute gear to the manufacture and installation error is avoided, the load concentration is prevented and the carrying capacity is increased. Double arc tooth root stronger, high bending strength. There is no point meshing involute gear meshing point has a different sliding speed, improve the transmission efficiency and service life.

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