DKS type two level in the open centrifugal pump introduction

DKS type open pump is a two level open centrifugal pump, suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, can also be used for agricultural irrigation and drainage. Used to transport water and other physical and chemical properties similar to water, liquid temperature is transported -20 ~ 80 ℃. Allow the maximum inlet pressure 0.6MPa. Parameter Range: Flow Q 18 ~ 1368m3 / h Head H 100 ~ 360m DKS type two level open centrifugal pump (DKS type level in the open pump) Model Description: 40DKS130 40 - spit outlet diameter (mm) DKS- Level open 130 - the total pump head (m) DKS type two level open centrifugal pump (DKS level in the pump) structure type: the pump is open in the horizontal. Pump inlet and outlet are located in the bottom of the pump below the pump casing, horizontally located on both sides of the axis perpendicular to the direction, the maintenance without removing the motor and piping, the operation is very convenient. Shaft support with rolling bearings and sliding bearings. In addition to 100DKS230 and 250DKS240 type of rolling bearings for thin oil lubrication are the rest of the grease lubrication, 250DKS360 type pump for the lubrication of thin oil bearings lubrication cycle (with thin oil stations). Pump shaft seal can be packing or mechanical seal. Direction of rotation: From the motor end, 250DKS240, 250DKS360 type pump counterclockwise rotation, that is, the suction port on the left, spit at the right. The rest are clockwise rotation. DKS type two level open centrifugal pump (DKS level in the open pump) the main parts material: 250DKS360 pump body, pump cover cast steel and cast stainless steel, the other are cast iron.

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