EU terminates anti-dumping investigation against stainless steel fasteners originating in India

The data provided by the European Commission also showed that despite the 9% increase in stainless steel fasteners consumed by the EU during the period from 2008 to the survey, the sales and market share of EU fastener manufacturers decreased by 14% and 21% respectively. At the same time, the European Union’s stainless steel fasteners imported from India have experienced a substantial increase of 65%.

The European Commission officially announced that it will terminate anti-dumping investigations on certain types of stainless steel fasteners originating in India. The main products involved in the customs code are 73181210, 73181410, 73181530, 73181551, 73181561 and 73181570.

In addition, the employment rate of the European stainless steel fastener industry dropped by 24% from 2008 to the survey period, which led to a reduction in the size of the industry and the company’s profits were not optimistic. Despite improvements in 2010, it is still not optimistic.

However, there was no evidence to prove that Viraj's products had dumping behavior, although the European Commission determined that other Indian exporters had dumping behavior. The normal value of Viraj's products is indeed lower than other sampled Indian companies, but the European Commission attributed this to the vertical integration of the group, which means that the company produces its own wires and obtains good economies of scale, while other Indian manufacturing Businessmen buy wire from the market. Therefore, other Indian manufacturers include companies that are found to be dumping, and their normal values ​​are based on comparisons with domestic sales prices.

For this reason, the European Commission believes that Viraj's sales in the country during the period of investigation were only an unrepresentative number of products, and its competitiveness in the Indian domestic market was very limited.

The European Commission also pointed out that only 13% of Indian exporters in the survey were suspected of selling products in the EU market at dumping prices, accounting for only 2% of the EU market share.

The European Commission did find that stainless steel fasteners imported from India were often accused of selling in the EU market at prices lower than those of the European Union. However, it believes that the largest exporter of stainless steel fasteners in India accounted for 87% of India's total exports to the EU. Due to the absence of dumping, the company dumped stainless steel fasteners from India. There was no causal relationship between the damage to the EU stainless steel fastener industry; in addition, there were too few dumped products to claim damage to the EU stainless steel fastener industry, and the European Union decided to terminate certain of its origins in India. Anti-dumping investigation of stainless steel fasteners.

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