Spraying pesticides in the summer "five notes"

The summer temperature is high, the medication is improper, it is easy to cause pesticide poisoning. Here, farmers are reminded to apply pesticides to pay attention to “five essentials”:

The time of administration should be appropriate.

Should try to avoid the hot weather at noon, choose to take medicine in the morning and evening, better before 9 am and after 5 pm. Do not apply more than 3 hours per application. Do not apply on windy or rainy days.

Highly toxic pesticides should be banned.

High temperature season

Try not to spray highly toxic pesticides. Medium and low-toxic pesticides should be used, and they should not be blindly mixed, so as to avoid increasing toxicity, reducing drug efficacy and causing phytotoxicity.

The pesticide should be “six banned”.

It is forbidden to use the bottle cap to pour medicine; it is forbidden to use the drinking bucket to dispense medicine; it is forbidden to use the barrel of Shengyue liquid to directly drain the well, ditch and river; it is forbidden to directly stir the pesticide by hand; it is forbidden to dispense medicine around the drinking water source; bottle.

Protective measures should be done well.

Wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves, long pants, etc.; operate on the upper hand; apply according to the pesticide application instructions.

The operating procedures are to be standardized.

Follow the operating procedures when applying the medicine, spray the medicine in the wind, do not drink alcohol before spraying, do not eat or spray during the spraying, wash your hands with soap, bathe, change clothes immediately after the application. In addition, the sprayer should be cleaned in time.
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