Developed a highly ductile amorphous metal material

The Leibniz Solid State and Materials Research Institute of Germany issued a communique on the 15th that the researchers successfully modified an amorphous metal material to maintain its original advantages and strong extensibility.

The metal is usually a crystal. If the metal melt is condensed in an instant, so that the metal atoms are not evenly arranged and "frozen", an amorphous metal having a glass property, commonly known as "metal glass", can be produced. This material has the characteristics of rust and corrosion resistance of glass, and its strength is comparable to that of ceramics. Its lighter quality makes it more advantageous in the fields of aviation. However, the metallic glass is brittle and cannot withstand the tensile load.

The researchers used copper-zirconium alloys as research objects. This alloy has a special "memory" characteristic, that is, after deformation under external force, it will return to its original shape at a certain temperature. The researchers modified the amorphous copper-zirconium alloy to make it stronger and more malleable.

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