When is the pear suitable for fertilization?

Pear fertilization is generally divided into base fertilizer and topdressing. The base fertilizer should be applied in the early autumn, and the amount of base fertilizer should account for 70%-80% of the annual fertilization amount . It is best to apply 3 times a year. Flower fertilizer before the first time, in mid-January was applied, Mushi 20 kg of fertilizer. The second is a strong fruit fertilizer, in late May to the end of 6 months was applied twice. The previous application of 20 kg of compound fertilizer was carried out in the previous mu, and 40 kg of compound fertilizer was applied to the latter . For the third time after fruit fertilizer, usually in late August was applied, Mushi 20 kg of fertilizer. The compound fertilizer required requires nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to account for 15% each . The pear tree planted by this friend is still small, and it is in the period of crown formation. The amount of fertilizer can be reduced appropriately. The fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer.

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