New process for repairing oil pipeline defects - friction plug welding

Like friction stir welding, Friction Plug Welding is also a solid phase welding process. When welding, a special hole (generally a tapered hole) is machined on the workpiece to be welded, and then a special plug is adapted to be inserted into the special hole; between the special hole and the special plug The frictional heat generated by the high-speed (rotation) relative motion causes the plastic softening of the material at the friction interface; these plastically softened materials are deposited on the workpiece to be welded under a certain pressure and are solid-phase connected with the workpiece to be welded to form Strong connection connector.

A series of special plugs are overlapped and deposited on the same workpiece, which is an extension of friction plug welding, Friction Stitch Welding, as shown in Figure 2. The workpiece welded by friction plug welding or friction welding technology may be a light metal material such as an aluminum alloy or a high melting point material such as steel. At present, friction plug welding or friction lamination is mainly used for the repair of welding defects (such as welding cracks) or the supplementary process of friction stir welding technology - to solve the keyhole problem of conventional friction stir welding.

In response to the repair of weld defects in petroleum pipeline structures, Beijing Saifusite Technology Co., Ltd. (China Friction Stir Welding Center, hereinafter referred to as the center) has carried out friction plug welding/friction welding technology research and equipment together with a university in Beijing in recent years. Development.

Figure 3 is the experimental device developed by the center for the friction plug welding process. The device is driven by a hydraulic motor. Through the rotation of the main shaft and the up and down movement of the Z axis, the special prefabricated holes on the flat plate member can be filled and the friction plug welding connection is completed.

On the basis of the friction plug welding device, the center has developed a friction welding device for the oil pipeline structure (Fig. 4). The device increases the X-direction and the A-direction movement, and can move along the axial or circumferential direction of the pipe-like member to realize the filling of a series of special pre-made holes to complete the friction welding connection.

The friction plug welding device and the friction welding device can respectively complete the repair of the point discrete defect or the linear continuous defect, and can serve the structure of the oil pipeline, the pressure vessel, etc., and can also serve other fields that require the friction plug welding process. The center is dedicated to the research of advanced friction welding technology represented by friction stir welding, friction plug welding, friction welding, etc. It can provide professional friction plug welding equipment, equipment and technical services for various industries.

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