Some points to pay attention to when buying artificial stone

Artificial stone has the color and texture of natural stone, and can be divided into different series, each series has a variety of colors. When purchasing, you can choose artificial stone with suitable texture and color to match different home colors. Because people do not know much about artificial stone, there are blind spots in the selection and decoration.

1. Artificial stone is also a three-point plate, four-point processing, three-point installation. This is very important. Not all "cheapest" is better, but it should be considered comprehensively. As the saying goes, there are no good goods in the cheap, and we choose manufacturers and products with good brands and good reputation as artificial stones, so the quality is guaranteed.

2. Artificial stone is a decorative stone, its functionality is decorated, not suitable for walking, placing heavy objects, or directly used for cutting, cutting, smashing countertops.

3. Artificial stone has a color difference, but the regular brand will not have the same batch. Due to the production process and technical reasons, artificial stones all have the problem of poor coloring to varying degrees. Therefore, the same batch of products of the regular brand should be selected when purchasing.

4. Choose light colors, do not choose dark colors. Because of the dark colors, very small scratches are very noticeable.

5. When bricklayers are about to be completed, artificial stones should be prepared. Before the installation of artificial stone, bricklayers are asked to copy the original window sills.

6. If you want to widen the window sill and widen the width to more than 100, you have to make brackets and pads in advance. Wood planks may be considered for general padding (need to be painted to prevent moisture).

7. Book in advance and do not rush to urge the schedule. Especially in the relatively cold season, the processors will increase the amount of catalyst used, and the adhesive part will be excessively catalyzed and brittle, and will easily crack later.

8. The water behind the console must not be omitted, and try to bring a small slow arc, it will be easier to clean in the future.

9. It is best to use wood reinforcement for the stove top and bathroom countertops. Do not rely solely on the weight of the cabinet. Wooden side with aluminum foil stickers do moisture treatment.

10. The artificial stone installation process is very dusty and the dust is very subtle.
Under the premise of customizing the whole cabinet - the installation time of the artificial stone window sill is the end of the brickwork, before the carpentry (under the window). The counter surface of the cabinet is recommended to be installed after the cabinet has been installed and after the oilwork is installed. (According to the procedure, the indoor dust must be thoroughly cleaned before the oilworker, so before the installation, the dust will be cleaned together)

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