Solar3D new three-dimensional silicon solar cell conversion rate of 25%

Solar3D new three-dimensional silicon solar cell conversion rate of 25%

Solar3D Inc. has developed three-dimensional solar cell technology. This breakthrough technology allows solar energy to be converted into electrical energy to the maximum extent possible. Recently, the company announced that its newly designed solar cell simulation experiment has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 25%, far surpassing current solar cell technology.

Jim Nelson, Solar3D chairman and chief executive officer, said: "This test result is very encouraging. We are evaluating the various methods of making prototypes. If the prototype supports this test result as we expected, our product performance will The highest conversion rate that silicon solar cells can achieve."

After the prototype was completed, the company’s management plans to seek a manufacturer's partner to bring his three-dimensional solar cells to market. These partners may include some of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers.

Nelson continued: “The results of these tests are very exciting and it gives us full confidence in the development path we have chosen. We believe that our new three-dimensional solar cells have great potential to dramatically change the solar power economy. Silicon-efficient high-efficiency solar cells mean that the industry's solar cost per watt will be the lowest, and the ever-increasing conversion rate and continuous declining manufacturing cost will eventually promote economic parity between solar energy and low-cost alternatives. A big step in this direction."

About Solar3D Inc

Solar3D Inc. is developing a breakthrough 3D solar cell technology that will maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Up to 30% of incident light is reflected by the solar cell surface, and more is lost by the solar cell material. Inspired by the light source control technology used in fiber optic equipment, the company's innovative solar technology uses a three-dimensional design that confines sunlight to micro-photovoltaic structures, where photons bounce around until they are converted to electrons. The efficiency of this generation of solar cells has been greatly improved, reducing the cost per watt of electricity generation, thus making solar power generation economically applicable worldwide. (Translation: Erin)

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