Floor "bullet" origin from the installation of common sense to avoid trouble

The consumer Ms. Qi complained to the Consumers Association of Shahekou District that her family had spent 20,000 yuan to install the brand-name flooring “bullet” at the beginning of the year, and the floor dealer refused to take responsibility. After eliminating the coordination investigation, it was discovered that the floor “drum kit” was a mishap for installation considerations. It is reported that at the beginning of this year, Ms. Chen used a well-known brand floor for her home decoration and was installed by the decoration company.

Soon afterwards, Ms. Qin found that the floor in her home was “drum kit” and her family had to walk around when they passed. Subsequently, Ms. Ruan found the floor dealers three times and five times, the other party said it was not a floor quality problem. Ms. Pei found the floor dealer again. The other party eventually agreed to go to Ms. Pei’s home for inspection and maintenance. However, Ms. Pei demanded compensation and the two parties failed to negotiate.

After receiving the complaint, the Sand District Consumers Association investigated the origin of the flooring “drum package”. When Ms. Yan’s house was renovated, the clearance reserved between the foot line and the floor was too small. Due to too much rain in the city this summer, the dampness of the floor expanded. As a result, bulging occurs, and the quality of the floor itself is not a problem. The Consumers Association believes that dealers delay the problem and delay the floor repair. Although the survey results indicate that it is not a “bulging bag” due to the quality of the floor, the dealers should give proper solutions when the consumers ask questions.

Under the coordination, Ms. Pei’s home floor was repaired. The Consumers Association reminds consumers that when purchasing floors, they must have prior knowledge of certain consumption and installation knowledge, such as whether the heating or geothermal heating in the home is compatible with the floor they plan to purchase; whether the floor is suitable for use in Dalian, etc. This kind of trouble, and dealers in the sale of the floor should also do its duty to inform.

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