New self-heating floor has been released to make winter no longer cold

Recently, the major building materials market quietly selling a new type of high-tech products - Hawker self-heating floor, sought after by the enthusiasm of consumers, but also make the floor peer envy, can be little known is Hawker self-heating floor after four years It was only in 2011 that it became a perfect market.

As early as in 2007, Hawker's self-heating floor was successfully introduced. Serious and rigorous and meticulous Hao guests didn't rush to put such hot products into the market as a high-tech flooring, which brought new home heating experience for consumers. At the same time, it must be flawless in terms of safety, stability, and systematization to enter millions of households. Through this, the company has established a Hawker self-heating floor laboratory, and after four years of repeated destructive experiments, Breakthroughs and improvements have been made once and for the past in various technical aspects of the product, particularly in its safety performance. It has finally become a new type of mature product that allows consumers to use it with confidence and investors to operate with confidence.

Hawker's self-heating floor introduces the "overfilling safety" concept of home appliances. All floor plugs have been insulated and waterproofed, and the waterproof rating has reached IPX7. At the same time, temperature probes and thermostats have been installed on the temperature controllers and connection plugs. Recoverable temperature control fuses, so that even if the floor work in an abnormal state, such as local temperature cover, high voltage, controller short circuit, etc., will automatically cut off power to ensure product safety. Hawker self-heating floor meets “three major industry standards: the first and the most basic, in line with the floor in the environmental protection, stability, strength standards; second, in line with the home appliance field safety standards; third, in line with the building heating The heat performance standard of the product, only the self-heating floor that satisfies the above three criteria at the same time, is the quality product that really meets the consumer demand.

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