Profit-makers smiled and decorated their knifes to guard against the "new style" traps

Profit-makers hide their knives in their smiles and decorate their guard against "new style" traps

Trap one

Rapid subcontracting after face to face

In order to save money, Ms. Cai, who was initially decorated, chose a medium-sized decoration company with a quotation of only RMB 15,000. Ms. Cai believes that this decoration company is not very small, 90 square meters of the house, only 15,000 yuan of light industrial accessories, a good deal. Two months later he moved into his new home, the size of the problem continued, the decoration company began to come to the maintenance, and later simply ignored. Later, Ms. Cai was informed that they used the low quotation to pick up the children and then subcontracted them to the "road decoration workers."

Member Zou Lei Weapons: Mr. Zou, who has been doing building materials business for 15 years, has a better understanding of the home improvement market. According to Mr. Zou’s introduction, low quotations have always been the means and advantages of small decoration companies. If the owners are lucky, they will encounter responsible decoration companies. They also have relatively fixed workers. However, most of the companies are subcontracted to "road decoration workers", such as the cost of 15,000 yuan of light industrial accessories. They have about 40% of profits, while the employment of "road decoration workers" uses about 15% of the cost, which is inevitable. It is difficult to ensure the quality of decoration.

Once the owner has encountered subcontracting for the renovation project, he should stop work and check. It is best to find an authoritative organization, such as a third-party supervisor, to check whether the construction quality in the previous period is qualified and whether the used materials are the materials agreed in the contract. If the quality is not up to standard, the owner should stop work immediately. Require the construction party to bear the loss.

When the decoration company has not yet been determined, they can visit their site privately. Workers in the formal company will wear uniforms. There will also be clear guidelines on the construction site. Workers' types, qualifications and working hours will be recorded in detail. Ask the workers about their company's understanding of the company, nuanced to understand whether they are the company's workers.

Decoration trap decoration contract 100 square meters decoration decoration company decoration home improvement house decoration decoration decoration company

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