Winter cold potato cold damage prevention measures

Chilling damage is the most important meteorological disaster in winter and spring potato production. The main prevention methods are:

1. Cover the soil to prevent freezing and frost. Before the freezing of frost and frost, deepen the ditch and surrounding drainage ditch, and cover the ditch evenly on the straw or film surface.

2, drainage and warming seedlings. Before or during the freezing, drain the field water, increase the soil temperature, and prevent the damage caused by freezing to the seedlings.

3, cover the cold and keep warm. Before the occurrence of frost damage or frost, cover the seedlings with agricultural film, straw, color strips, straw curtains, mats, sacks, etc. or build a small arch shed to prevent frost and keep warm.

4, fertilization against freezing and cold. Spraying plant antifreeze or applying compound biological fertilizer can play a certain role in antifreeze and cold resistance 1 to 2 days before the arrival of low temperature chilling injury.

5. After the disaster, the fertilizer will promote growth. After the cold damage, each mu is sprayed with urea 3, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 4, brown sugar 5 or other foliar fertilizer 50 kg, to promote plant growth.

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