How to properly carry the zucchini control

The roots of the zucchini are well developed and prosperous. After the prolonged period, it is easy to cause the tree to not be melon or melon, especially in the early stage of plant growth. Under this circumstance, many vegetable farmers rely on hormones for control, and the more potent drugs are more popular among vegetable farmers, so the use of hormones to control the growth of zucchini has become the 'killer' of vegetable farmers. Here is a brief introduction to how to properly control the zucchini.
During the day, if the temperature in the shed is higher than 22 °C, it should be ventilated and cooled down to a maximum of 25 °C. Then spray the plant cationic active agent to promote Huawang No.3, forcing the topping essence to reflux, instead of hormone killing. This can not only inhibit the vegetative growth of the zucchini, but also promote its reproductive growth, thus effectively controlling the growth of the zucchini. For fruiting has already started zucchini, vegetable shed daytime temperature may be controlled at 20 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, the temperature control
system at night about 15 ℃, spraying and spirit Guadi strong, fortified directional feed amount, promoting body melon Rapid development, beautiful melon, juicy and delicious; growth cycle does not fall, no melon, no cracked melon, no deformed melon.

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