Good landscape home, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of panel furniture

Panel furniture is the most common type of furniture, and it is mainly designed from medium density fiberboard or particleboard materials. Because of its low price and good performance, panel furniture has become the most widely used furniture in modern society and has the largest market share. To better understand the furniture, the following went with a good view of the small series of home furniture a look at what the pros and cons of it.


In general, panel furniture has six basic advantages.

First, the moisture-proof performance is good, and the furniture will not be deformed in a humid place.
Second, high temperature resistance, strong paint surface, not easy to wear, deformation, cracking.
Third, the flexibility is strong, the style can be ever-changing.
Fourth, high resource utilization, good process performance, easy to process in large quantities, low cost.
Fifth, the color and texture are evenly distributed, there is no color difference, and the appearance is beautiful. The design changes more and the personality is outstanding, which meets the requirements of people's pursuit of individuality and fashion.
Sixth, environmental protection. A strong manufacturer will use a medium-density board called a wood-nano board to make panel furniture. When the sheet is formed, it adopts the internationally advanced high-temperature pressure-pressing technology, which utilizes the nano-physical properties of wood fiber under high temperature and high pressure to form instantly, avoiding the use of resin glue catalyst (including formaldehyde), making the environmental protection grade of the board and Physical properties are superior to solid wood furniture.
No product is perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages. Good landscape homes believe that the shortcomings of panel furniture are mainly due to environmental protection. If the veneer does not include all the furniture, it is easy to release formaldehyde harmful to the human body. Furniture made from wood-based panels with excessive formaldehyde will cause indoor environment pollution. Additive adhesives are often used in the manufacture of artificial panels. If the furniture is veneered and the edges are not disposed of properly, there will be potential pollution hazards. Not only that, some panel furniture uses a strip of veneer, so there will be a sense of repetition on the pattern, which lacks natural variability.
Any furniture has its own good places and bad places. When consumers choose furniture, they mainly choose according to their own needs. Panel furniture is more prominent because of its advantages, which has been loved by consumers.

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