Extraction and purification technology for efficient preparation of graphene

Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, invented a method for efficient preparation of graphene based on extraction and purification technology. It recently obtained two national invention patents (a method for efficient preparation of graphene based on extraction and purification technology, patent number: ZL 201210050986.0, inventor : Zhai Xingbin, Yang Juan, Xue Qunji; Method for efficient preparation of graphene based on extraction and purification technology, patent number: ZL 201210050990.7, inventor: Yan Xingbin, Yang Juan, Xue Qunji).

Graphene has attracted attention due to its high electrical conductivity, extremely fast electron transport speed, high hardness, high specific surface area, and room temperature quantum Hall effect. The graphene prepared by the chemical method is more prominent in the fields of electrochemistry due to its rich functional groups. However, due to the fact that the production of graphene is still in the R&D stage, its expensive manufacturing cost and low production capacity seriously hamper the industrialization and application of graphene materials. Therefore, the search for controllable macro-preparation of graphene is one of the current research hotspots.

Among the numerous methods for preparing graphene, the liquid-phase redox method has become the most promising and promising method for large-scale preparation of graphene oxide and graphene due to its low production cost. However, this method also has some obvious defects. For example, the hydrophilic functional groups such as hydroxyl group, carboxyl group, and epoxy group on the surface of graphene oxide cause the resulting graphene oxide to exhibit strong hydrophilicity, which leads to impurities in the purification stage being difficult to remove and time consuming. Traditional laboratory dialysis methods are not conducive to industrial production because dialysis bags are expensive and inconvenient to operate. It can be seen that the macro-purification of graphene oxide is still a key factor affecting the large-scale preparation of graphene. Therefore, if low-cost, high-efficiency, rapid purification and reduction of graphene oxide can be achieved, it is expected that macro-preparation of graphene can be achieved. Make a breakthrough.

The invention discloses a method for efficiently preparing graphene based on extraction and purification technology. The method selects the suitable organic solvent to extract the graphene oxide by the liquid extraction method for many times, thereby shortening the purification time of the traditional water purification graphene oxide, and then rapidly removing the organic solvent by means of suction filtration or centrifugation. By selecting suitable surfactants to improve the extraction efficiency, the microwave-reduction technology is used to reduce the extracted and purified graphene oxide to graphene, thereby providing a preliminary guarantee for the rapid and large-scale preparation of graphene.

The method is simple in operation, short in preparation cycle, and can produce high-purity graphene without the need to purchase complicated and expensive equipment and high-cost raw materials, and is suitable for macro-preparation of graphene, and is expected to be used in supercapacitors, lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, and seals. Materials, catalyst carriers and other fields have been widely used.

Compared with the prior art, the invention reduces the introduction of impurities during the preparation of graphene oxide, selects a relatively low raw material ratio to reduce the production cost, shortens the preparation time, and provides two batches of graphene oxide using extraction technology. The purification of key technologies, as an ideal method for the macro-preparation of graphene.

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