Russian Federal Space Agency: Russian cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station

According to the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Russian "Progress M-28M" cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station on the 5th and sent about 2.4 tons of supplies.

According to reports, the cargoes sent by the cargo spacecraft to the space station include water, food, oxygen, fuel and scientific research equipment, among which the food supply reached 430 kg, 100 kg more than the previous replenishment.

At the end of April this year, the Russian "Progress M-27M" cargo spacecraft had an accident after launch and failed to dock with the International Space Station. In June, the US Falcon 9 rocket carrying a cargo spacecraft exploded shortly after launch. Due to the continuous accident of the cargo spacecraft, the reserves of the International Space Station could not be replenished, and the astronauts on the space station were once forced to save resources.

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