The heat sink is tightly fixed to the support base and the heat source by a nut

The heat pipe is combined to expand the contact area with the heat source, and the internal cavity of the heat pipe is narrow, and the steam and the return liquid path are short, which is beneficial to the balance between the heat pipes under different working conditions in the working process, and can be applied to the heat generating point. The heat-emitting electronics and the chemical reactor are cooled and cooled, and the heat sink is compact and saves space when applied. The focus of this paper is on the heat pipe radiator in response to different numbers of heat sources (heat source from a single heat source to three heat sources), different heat source point distribution, and different wind speeds provided by the fan, the maximum heat transfer capacity, maximum heat dissipation capacity and total Systematic research has been carried out on changes in thermal resistance.

Experimental Device The heat pipe heat sink is a heat sink for three heat sources and can accept up to 3 heat sources. The four flat-type sintered copper heat pipes are arranged side by side in the center of the heat dissipating fins as a heat exchange element. Each heat pipe has a length of 255 mm, a width of 8 mm and a height of 2 mm. The channel formed by the sintered copper powder is used as a flow path of the working medium circulation. The capillary structure can withstand higher heat flux density and has low manufacturing cost, and the heat pipe is made of acetone. The radiator is made of aluminum alloy fins to enhance the heat dissipation effect. Each fin has a thickness of 0.5 mm and a fin pitch of 2 mm. It is distributed on both sides of the heat-receiving area of ​​the heat pipe by extrusion processing. The flat heat pipe is placed in parallel with the heating block, and the heat-generating copper piece is 25 mm long and 20 mm wide. The heat sink is tightly fixed to the support base and the heat source by a nut, and the support seat is made of phenolic resin. By adjusting the input current to adjust its heating power, the electric heating tube is in close contact with the copper sheet, and the contact surface is coated with thermal grease to conduct the heat to the copper sheet to form a relatively uniform heat flow on the copper sheet.

Visco-elastic paste is a cold flow ,self healing elastic paste for corrosion preventing and adhering extremely well to steel and factory applied Pipeline Coatings like PE,PP and FBE.

Visco-elastic paste can flow into all irregularities of the substrate at operating temperature. The compound does not cure and resistance to water and has a very low gas and water vapour permeability.

Viscoelastic Paste

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