Xinjiang Aheqi pilot implementation of grassland sprinkler irrigation technology

Recently, the author saw in the grassland of Baiyu Village, Kezi Palace, Aqiqi County, Xinjiang, that the technicians of the county water conservancy bureau are experimenting with sprinkler irrigation to sprinkle the grassland. According to the relevant technical personnel, sprinkler irrigation is a better irrigation method for grassland, which can control the uniformity of water spray and better avoid surface runoff and deep leakage loss.

The county tried to implement pastures sprinkler technology projects a total investment of 6.1694 million yuan, laying water pipes more than 90,000 meters, covering 3300 acres of pasture, sprinkling distance of up to a radius of 20 meters. At present, the project has entered the stage of completion acceptance. The relevant person in charge of the county water conservancy bureau said that the implementation of the project will effectively improve the production conditions of rural animal husbandry, improve the effective utilization rate of pastures, solve the shortage of forage crops for poor farmers and herdsmen in the project area, and accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation in the region.

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