What are the labor insurance products that must be worn by underground mine personnel?

Mine fires will cause particularly serious hazards to the safety of underground personnel. The safety protection equipment for the well below is an essential item to protect personal safety and prevent accidents.

Every person who goes down must wear a safety helmet and wear work clothes and work shoes . The clothes are neat and tight to prevent accidents when the machine being turned is stranded or hung. Waterproof clothing should be worn when the work site is heavily sprayed, and towels are best placed around the neck.

Miner's lamp is the miner's eye. Before going down the well, you must pick up the miner's lamp, and carefully check its integrity. The inspection includes:

1) Whether the lamp is damaged, whether the cover glass is intact, and whether the lamp ring is loose.

2) The lamp box is leaking.

3) Whether the cable sheath is intact or not, there is no open end, and the lamp connector is in good condition.

4) The light lock is not tight.

5) The light intensity is not enough.

Under the well, it is forbidden to open the lid of the battery box and the lamp head. Once the miner's lamp is destroyed or damaged in the late-to-the-hole, they can wait for the person to go to the well.

What should you watch out for when riding cages and inclined man vehicles?

1) To ride cages and inclined wells, you must line up and down in order to avoid crowding and harassment. Obey the command of the hooker and follow the driver. Do not allow access to cages and vehicles without their permission.

2) After entering the cage, close the cage door and hang the safety chain after the train.

3) Don't scramble to get up and down after sending out the opening signal and when no parking signal is given. Otherwise, it will be prone to injury accidents.

4) When cages and trains are started, they should stand still or sit steadily. Do not put their heads, hands and feet out of the tanks or outside the train to avoid being bruised. When the cage is stopped quickly, the heel can be lifted slightly and the knees bent slightly so that the abdomen will not be shaken.

5) When the tank is filled with materials, personnel are not allowed to board regardless of the amount of material loaded.

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