Problems that should be paid attention to when using chicken concentrated feed

First, the multi-dimensional factors should not blindly add some chicken farmers and drug use in concentrates at the same time, add a variety of multi-dimensional element in any compound, some in order to prevent avian diseases, adding various drugs in any compound. In fact, the multi-dimensional element in the concentrate has already met the growth requirements of the chicken, and the addition of multi-dimensional element is apt to cause the imbalance of the multi-dimensional element. Because the concentrate contains a broad spectrum of highly effective drugs, do not add any drugs to prevent drug poisoning during the use of concentrates.
Second, do not suddenly switch to a different although manufacturers can produce concentrates suitable for the same period of chicken concentrates, but concentrates its structure and composition are not the same, if the sudden replacement of concentrates, can easily result in the growth of the chicken or the egg drop is blocked . Therefore, when it is necessary to replace the concentrated material, it is forbidden to change the net once. The proportion of the new material should be gradually increased, and the raw materials should be gradually reduced. The refueling process should be completed in 10-14 days.
Third, a variety of concentrates should not be used simultaneously when the chicken use concentrates, Do not mix different brands or different chicken growth of concentrates while spices. Otherwise, it will cause the various indicators of the concentrated material to fall short of the demand of the chicken, which will cause problems such as lower egg production and disease occurrence.
Fourth, the concentrates are mixed storage time should not be too long and some chicken farmers will concentrate mixed for about chicken feed up to 10 days. Because the concentrated material contains many vitamins, it is easy to decompose and deteriorate after a long time, which is likely to cause vitamin deficiency in the flock. Therefore, the amount of mixed feed should not exceed 7 days for chicken feeding, and the heat should not exceed 3 days.

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