Why is the technology of double-head screw fasteners in China slow?

With the growth of China and the ASEAN Free Trade Area, more potential free trade zones may emerge, and the efforts of Chinese companies to go global, China's fastener export market is expected to further diversify, especially to emerging markets and development. The expansion of the country.

Although the rapid growth of manufacturing production, especially in industrial machinery and motor vehicles, the demand for industrial fasteners in China is expected to increase at a rate of 10.7% per year, although the domestic fastener industry was frustrated in 2012, but in 2013 The whole industry is expected to achieve steady growth. It is estimated that by 2013, the production and sales volume of fasteners will reach 7.3 million tons, reaching 74.2 billion yuan.

However, according to the investigation, China's double-headed screws have stopped the innovation process in the process of innovation, and technological innovation has been in a stagnant stage for a long time. The main factors are: lack of scientific research funds, enterprises in the process of scientific research and innovation, suddenly encountered the problem of capital chain breakage, resulting in lack of follow-up financial support for scientific research innovation, it is difficult to continue; scientific research and innovation cycle is long, the company does not have enough patience research and development The new scientific research results, together with the transformation from scientific research results into actual productivity, will take a period of time to encourage enterprises to stop in the middle; scientific research innovation and production practice are separated, and it is difficult to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to continue to innovate.

That is to say, the double-headed screws have not achieved long-lasting innovation. According to the innovation experience of the world's double-headed screws for many years, all the breakthrough major technological achievements are the result of continuous innovation. No achievement is achieved overnight. Thirty years ago, the country that started the research on casting technology in China had made major breakthroughs in some respects. However, China’s double-headed screws were abandoned halfway, and nothing was done. This not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also makes our double-headed screws stagnant for a long time due to technical problems.

From the above analysis, China's double-headed screws must do a good job of innovation, and must overcome the industry's problems in the process of scientific research, and continue to innovate. To continue to innovate, we must solve the problem that enterprises lead to enterprises to stop innovation, find the source, solve problems from the source, and promote the continuous innovation of China's double-head screws.

Innovation is an important driving force for the development of double-headed screws, so double-head screws must be truly innovative. In the course of the development of China's industry, in the field of innovation work, the taboo of digging wells was committed, and ten wells were dug, and none of them insisted on digging out the water.

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