Spent fuel storage grid to achieve safety and quality improvement of key equipment for independent manufacturing

China has the independent design and independent manufacturing capacity of spent fuel storage grid, breaking the foreign technology monopoly.

On November 10, the reporter learned from CGNPC that the China Machinery Industry Federation organized the appraisal meeting for spent fuel storage racks independently researched and developed by China General Nuclear Power Group on the same day, arguing that the development based on the "integrated skeleton + modular storage sleeve" technology was lacking. The performance indexes of the fuel storage grid have reached the international advanced level.

The spent fuel storage grid is the core equipment in the nuclear fuel cycle and is widely used in the storage of spent fuel in the heap, in the middle of the pile and in the post-treatment plant. With the rapid development of China's nuclear power industry, the market demand for spent fuel storage grid is huge. However, due to restrictions on the key functional materials in the spent fuel storage rack - neutron absorber materials, it has not been able to achieve localization, relying on foreign imports, not only the product supply price is expensive, but also the technology and delivery cycle. Subject to restrictions.

In view of this, CGNPC and Jiangsu Nuclear Industry Green Water Treatment Co., Ltd. successfully developed a new type of “integrated skeleton + modular storage sleeve” type spent fuel storage grid, which effectively avoided the current nuclear power project in China while effectively reducing costs. Problems such as lattice deformation occurring in high-density spent fuel storage grids are commonly used. This achievement has improved the safety and quality of key nuclear power equipment and reduced the cost of engineering construction, which is of great significance for promoting the development of China's nuclear industry equipment industry.

The appraisal committee consists of Academician Ye Qijun, Academician Li Guanxing, and the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Institute of Atomic Energy, China Nuclear 404 Co., Ltd., Huaneng Shidao Bay. It consists of 13 experts from Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and other units.

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