Decoration must see how tile area counts

Tiles must be in the home decoration products, but for the general rookie how to buy is a big problem, let alone understand the more professional tile knowledge, the following Xiaobian give you to introduce the most basic expertise, ceramic tile How to calculate the area .

How to calculate the tile area:

1 Tiles can be sold in blocks or sold in square meters. The area to be paved should be calculated before buying tiles. Some building materials stores have conversion charts. The number of tiles required can be found based on the area. Some charts can be used to determine tile usage as long as you know the height and width of the tiled wall. Some tile boxes will also list how much a box of tiles can be tiled. For rough calculations, an area of ​​80 square meters can be calculated as 640 tiles about 14 centimeters square or 320 tiles 20 centimeters square. After the total number is calculated, a certain number of spares should be added because it is inevitable that there will be losses when paving. You can also use this formula to roughly calculate the amount of tiles needed: (decorative area ÷ area of ​​each tile) × (1 + 3%), which is the number of tiles required for construction, of which 3% is the amount of construction loss.

If you plan to use bright colored tiles or patterned tiles in plain tiles, you can first design the tiled walls on the chart, which is convenient when estimating the quantity. It is also possible to cut the paper into tile sizes on the wall and figure out the height and width of the paved tile area. Although it takes time to do so, the effect of paving can be seen in advance. Sometimes the color of each box tile will be slightly different, and it must be fully mixed before laying. If possible, it is best to buy the same lot of boxed tiles.

Tile price:

Common floor tiles have 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 80cm, etc., and now there are many floor tiles with larger sizes. From the production process can be divided into whole body tiles and glazed tiles. Whole bricks are divided into two kinds: non-slip tiles and polished tiles. However, the price of polished tiles of the same color is about 120% higher than that of non-slip tiles, and the price of domestic non-slip tiles is 35 yuan per square metre, W64; 50 yuan. The price of polished tiles is 80 yuan per square meter W64; 110 yuan.

Glazed tiles account for most of the market share of tile products. The price of middle and low-grade glazed tiles ranges from 50 yuan to 80 yuan per square meter, the price of middle-grade glazed tiles ranges from 90 yuan to 130 yuan per square meter, and the price of high-grade glazed tiles is basically between 130 yuan and 170 yuan per square meter. .

The use of ceramic tiles in the bathroom to decorate the walls and floors is already established. In fact, ceramic tiles can also be used in bathrooms. Due to the dampness of the bathroom, you can try to replace the common bathroom furniture with a storage cabinet made of tiles. It is not only easy to clean, durable, but also easier to harmonize with the walls and the ground. Of course, it is also a good idea to build a bathtub or shower screen with tiles.

Auxiliary materials used per square for paving tiles:

When paving the wall tiles, 11kg of ordinary cement, 33kg of medium sand and 2kg of lime paste are required per square meter.

For every square meter of paving floor tiles, there are 12.5kg of ordinary cement, 34kg of medium sand, and 0.5kg of white cement.

There are tile model tips!

Nowadays, housing adheres to the "three major and one small" design principles, so many heads of households have a large living room with an area of ​​about 20 square meters. Room size is generally large tiles can be used to do the ground decoration, generally more than 20 square meters of room can use 800 × 800mm or 1000 × 1000mm floor tiles, 10-20 square meters below the room, available 600 × 600mm floor tiles. The use of large blocks of floor tiles not only reduces gaps on the ground, but is aesthetically pleasing and durable. It is also more economical and affordable overall.

Editing Summary: How to calculate the tile area is introduced here. I hope I can help you. For more information, please pay attention to this site.

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