Bathroom sliding door six installation methods

Due to the limited space in the bathroom, we used the sliding door instead of the swing door during the renovation. The sliding door not only functions as a partition, but also beautifies our bathroom, combined with the characteristics of flexibility, flexibility and easy relocation. It is more and more valued by us. It can be said that it is the best way to make rational use of bathroom space. The following small series will share the following six sliding door installation methods.

Sliding door installation method one

Unlike other types of doors, sliding doors are not very space-demanding, and they are well-used as empty partitions. A wooden sliding door is used to separate the bathing space from the storage and storage space to define different functional areas. Wooden sliding doors, the color is consistent with the interior, refreshing and natural. The sliding door itself is set by the edge of the basin, and it does not occupy much space.

Sliding door installation method two

The sliding door setting of the bathroom is used to divide the bathroom and other spaces. The beige appearance is simple and clear, consistent with the indoor color and style. The push-pull design is designed to make the most of the space, and it's a perfect fit for the space that is cramped.

Sliding door installation method three

The solid wooden door has a clear texture with a strong original meaning, and the wild and unobtrusive appearance is also suitable for the interior basic style. A shelf is added behind the wide door panel to add practical functions and to assist the left and right sliding of the door panel.

Sliding door installation method four

The Japanese-style home is more common with sliding doors, and the wooden texture is most in line with the natural and elegant flavor of Japanese style. The design of the sliding door does not take up space, but also plays a good role in partitioning, allowing more space to change and enriching the home level.

Sliding door installation method five

Pull the glass door open when you need it, giving you a bigger sense of space right away. The bathroom and the dining area are unobstructed, and the space is free and individual! The sliding door treatment with a slightly invisible door design gives the space more possibilities and brings a wonderful home experience.

Sliding door installation method six

The natural wood grain texture and color of the solid wood door is undoubtedly the best choice for families who admire the natural decoration style. Solid wood doors have been warm since ancient times, not only beautiful, beautifully carved, but also diverse in style.

The above is the rational use of bathroom space brought by Xiaobian, six sliding door installation methods. I hope that everyone can make good use of the characteristics of the sliding door to create a bathroom without space waste.

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