Photovoltaic is the next Internet

Abstract Viewpoint: In our field, we must properly divide the work, focus on it, advocate the development of differentiated and differentiated competition, and do not simply follow the homogenous and repeated competition model. From the perspective of resources and energy, in the new energy, there needs to be a difference and cooperation.
Opinion: In our field, we must properly divide the work, focus on it, advocate the development of differentiated and differentiated competition, and do not simply follow the homogenous and repeated competition model. From the perspective of resources and energy, there is a need to form a healthy ecosystem with differences and collaboration in terms of new energy. From a business culture perspective, how do we form a development model that truly conforms to our improvement of the human ecological environment? How do we take the lead? A good business ecosystem. You are a dead, alive, and alive, and the business ecosystem must be the most cruel, cruel, and inhuman!

Each of our new energy companies is such a big one, and the height of each foothold is so high. Why don't we even understand this common sense? How much blood is there in the house, how many copper plates are there, and how many copper plates are going out. Is it necessary to take vicious competition? Make the world do not like us, even we do not like ourselves, evil is not disgusting? Americans can't go with you, Europeans can't go with you, Japanese people can't go with you, Indians can't go with you, we can't live with ourselves, we don't feel sick?

Take the road of others, let others have no way to go, look back at their own roads, their own road must be elephant legs and cattle legs, you must have no way to go; eat other people's meals, let others have no meals Eat, look back at your own bowl, there must be nothing in your bowl, you must have no food to eat. Because others think so, this is a very simple logic and reason. Everyone must have an ecological concept and a symbiotic concept. If we do not have such a mind in this field and highly maintain the market environment of this industry, we do not deserve to say that we can improve the natural environment of mankind!

Among the entrepreneurs of Sichuan Liu, as the Standing Committee of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tongwei Group, Liu Hanyuan is one who cannot be ignored. As the two major corporate giants who grew up in Sichuan, he was often compared with Liu Yonghao. Both of them were born in the feed industry, one is mainly for fish feed, and the other is for pig feed. But in the path of transformation, Liu Yonghao chose finance and real estate, and Liu Hanyuan chose new energy. However, Liu Hanyuan firmly believes that his choice is correct. Crystal silicon photovoltaics are concentrated in gold. He only needs time.

Short-lived PV surprise

Liu Hanyuan is a smart person. After 4 years of reading elementary school, he finished his junior high school in 2 years. During the school year, he was able to get a certificate and nail it to the wall. At the age of 19, he invented the channel metal cage-type fish farming technology, earned the first bucket of gold in life, and built a fishing compound feed mill at the age of 22, and became the youngest senior engineer in the entire aquatic industry in China at the age of 23. The 28-year-old Tongwei brand feed advertisement started in the country. In 2001, Liu Hanyuan made a Hurun ranking for the first time with a net worth of 1.1 billion yuan, ranking 21, for a moment.

Photovoltaic has given Liu Hanyuan a surprise. That was at the very beginning. In 2006, the price of polysilicon was rising all the time. This semiconductor material made of sand was driven by the downstream PV market, and the price rose sharply. In the face of huge profits, many companies that have never been involved in the PV business have launched polysilicon production lines. Liu Hanyuan is also among them. one.

In 2006, Liu Hanyuan finally made up his mind to enter the polysilicon field. He was responsible for Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tongwei Group. Since then, everything has been raging. In September 2008, Tongwei’s first furnace polysilicon sold for a high price of 3.3 million yuan/ton. The net profit reached about 2.7 million yuan / ton, while the average profit of the industry at that time was more than 2.5 million yuan / ton, the entire polysilicon industry entered a state of excitement.

Liu Hanyuan recalled that the profits of the year were astounding. "Maori 2.8 million yuan, the sales price is 8 times the production cost!" In September, the two single business Tongwei accounted for 150 million yuan.

But after the industry is crazy, it is going downhill. Liu Hanyuan has already detected the crisis, so he is competing for time to build and put into production, producing polysilicon day and night, but the market turning point is faster than expected. In October 2008, the US subprime mortgage crisis, the sudden, the global economic downturn, demand for polysilicon plummeted in price from 3.3 million yuan / ton high speed all the way down, down to the last 30 to 400,000 yuan a ton.

Liu Hanyuan felt the ruthlessness of the market. If it can be put into production for four or five months, the investment of 660 million yuan of 1000 tons of polysilicon in Yongxiang will be fully recovered.

After the crisis, some companies that entered the polysilicon field with speculative attitudes chose to close the polysilicon production line. In the photovoltaic industry, they once flirted like waves and quickly faded away like waves.

Due to better cost control, Tongwei's polysilicon production line reached 352 days in 2009, and Yongxiang Polysilicon Phase II project, which was postponed in July 2010, was officially put into operation. However, the polysilicon market has not improved since then, Liu Hanyuanwan The ton of polysilicon project was temporarily constructed according to the market situation in the order of 4,000 tons.

Different from speculators, Liu Hanyuan has never chosen to withdraw from the photovoltaic industry. He still has great enthusiasm for photovoltaics. If he loses money upstream, he will go to the middle or downstream.

a firm believer in the energy revolution

In the war era, the Sichuan people fought hard, and the characteristics of the people in the shopping mall society were not convinced. In the third quarter of 2013, the photovoltaic industry began to pick up. Liu Hanyuan quickly invested heavily in the photovoltaic sector. In September, Tongwei Group received a 100% stake in Hefei Saiwei at a price of 870 million yuan, and entered the mid-stream manufacturing process.

Hefei Saiwei changed its name to Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd., covering an area of ​​1,000 mu. It was once owned by Tongwei's global solar cell project. The largest single cell company is owned by Tongwei. The first phase of the project has a solar cell production capacity of 2000 trillion. Tile, solar module production capacity of 500 MW.

Since Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. took over in September 2013, on January 13, 2014, the number of employees has grown from more than 80 to more than 1,600, and 16 production lines have resumed production.

Like all PV counterparts, Liu Hanyuan is not convinced despite the current industry and market conditions. In particular, one thing is certain, Liu Hanyuan will not withdraw from PV, and will further accelerate in this area.

"It's in the right direction." Liu Hanyuan was very determined about this. This is almost the common belief of every entrepreneur who is deeply involved in the photovoltaic field. Photovoltaic is the main way to use energy in the future.

No matter how difficult the current industry situation is, how difficult the market is to develop, but as long as the future is said, brilliance will appear on the face of every PV entrepreneur. Liu Hanyuan is no exception. He said: "In the future, this industry will integrate power generation, energy storage, and smart grid. It will change the production and lifestyle of human food, clothing, housing and transportation."

At the APEC Summit in Shanghai, Liu Hanyuan said in a conversation with Zhang Chaoyang, the founder of Sohu. "We have worked hard in the traditional industry for 10 or 20 years, but you have surpassed us after three or four years. ”

Now, Liu Hanyuan feels like a young entrepreneur who once stood in front of the Internet and saw the light from the future. "This round of solar energy-based energy revolution will surpass the last round of information technology revolution."

This kind of judgment has also been seen in the VC industry when the PV industry was first established. However, the last round of crisis seems to have eroded their confidence, and only entrepreneurs are still holding on.

In the past, China's PV entrepreneurs were mostly engaged in the manufacturing and processing of polysilicon, silicon wafers, battery chips, components, etc. Now they are thinking about how to start the Chinese PV market.

Liu Hanyuan believes that the two major sectors of the Group's agriculture and new energy are fully combinable, and this will be one of Tongwei's future competitive advantages. "The fish pond can be covered with photovoltaic panels to cover half or one-third, and some varieties can be completely covered. We have calculated that 1 million mu of ponds can support 30GW of installed capacity if used, this figure is 12 The total installed capacity of the three GWs is much more. We call it fishing and light complementarity."

However, it is difficult to connect to the grid, the subsidy is not timely, and the electricity price settlement process is cumbersome. It is a real problem that hinders the launch of the Chinese PV market.

The cruelty and beauty of the market exist at the same time, and entrepreneurs need to take a path from the thorns of no road. Tongwei, which has entered the downstream market, has completed the Fengkang 30kw and 5kw solar power station and irrigation system in Hebei, the 12kw off-grid solar power project in Azong Village, Litang Township, Litang, Sichuan, and the 8kw off-grid solar power generation in Changli Keer Temple. The project, 300kw in Ruola Village, Litang County, and 1MW photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project in Xinjiang.

The longer-term plan is that Liu Hanyuan hopes to build a 5GW large-scale solar photovoltaic power station in Sichuan and the country with abundant light and heat resources, and plans to promote solar distributed small and medium-sized household power stations in rural and urban areas across the country. Among them, fishing and light complementation has been tested in five places in Guangdong, Anhui and Jiangsu. “The pilot project for the promotion of distributed applications in rural households and rural markets is now in full swing,” said Liu Hanyuan.

The low price of photovoltaic market kills people disgusting

Once in the fully competitive feed industry, it has also experienced vicious low-price competition, but Liu Hanyuan still feels uncomfortable in maintaining the low-cost killing status of the photovoltaic field for many years.

"Our new energy companies, each one is such a big block, the height of each foothold is so high. Why do we not even understand this common sense? How much blood in the house, how much blood, how many copper plates How many copper plates go out, is it necessary to take vicious competition? Make the world dislike us, even we don’t like ourselves, we are not disgusting? Americans can’t go with you, Europeans can’t go with you, Japanese and If you can't get through, the Indians can't go with you. We can't go through ourselves. Isn't it disgusting?" During the interview, Liu Hanyuan's adjustment was suddenly raised a few degrees. Even so, he still had to smile with a smile.

Liu Hanyuan is not a barbed entrepreneur. He loves to laugh and his posture is low. Feng Lun, Chairman of Board of Directors of Vantone Group, has evaluated his ability to maintain balance very well. "Just like he is standing here, the image is right, not high or low, not fat or thin, everything is just right."

In addition to the balance of people, Liu Hanyuan has always understood the way of business balance, both to leave room for profit for customers, but also to make profits for themselves, but also to ensure that this balanced pricing can attack competitors. By relying on such a balance technique, Liu Hanyuan's Tongwei brand feed in the 10 years from 1985 to 1994, farmers can line up for 7 days and 7 nights only to buy Tongwei feed.

Liu Hanyuan believes that Tongwei's profits come from a part of the company's new use value for users. But in the photovoltaic industry, "we do things for the best goals, but they are the most cruel and cruel way." Liu Hanyuan said with emotion.

"I always want to put the price down and get the benefits. When you look back, you will find that others think so. This is a repeated game process. Whoever starts first, who gets the cheese first. But the next time others start You are still embarrassed." Liu Hanyuan said, "If we do not have such a mind and height in this field to maintain the good market ecology of the industry, and each other does not achieve differentiated development and rational competition, we do not deserve to say that we want to change humanity. The ecological environment, this is the mind that should be."

Entrepreneurs engaged in the photovoltaic industry have the best imagination for the future, but in addition to the rapid development of China's PV market, in addition to the entrepreneur's own mind is not enough, the vicious competition of monopoly enterprises, insufficient policy implementation is also the main obstacle. However, Liu Hanyuan believes that the biggest obstacle is that people do not have enough knowledge of the new energy revolution. Most people still have insufficient confidence in the energy structure based on renewable energy.

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