Ministry of Public Security promotes the industrialization of SVAC national standards

Ministry of Public Security promotes the industrialization of SVAC national standards

On April 18, 2014, the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security signed a cooperation agreement with China Star Microelectronics Group. Secretary Wang Gang and Academician Deng Zhonghan signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. The leaders of the First Institute, Chou Baoli, Chen Chaowu, Chen Jiannan, Chen Xueliang, Yu Rui, Zhao Qi, and Yu Bing attended the signing ceremony.

A Party Secretary Wang Gang pointed out that this move will accelerate the industrialization of monitoring and protection of digital video and audio codec (SVAC) national standards, strengthen the application of intelligent video surveillance systems, and further improve China's security video surveillance technology.

SVAC national standard is called "National Standard GB/T 25724-2010 "Technical Requirements for Security, Video Surveillance, Digital Video and Audio Coding and Decoding"", which can meet various security requirements in the field of video surveillance. At the same time, technologies and products based on this standard will work in many areas such as national security, digital cities, intelligent transportation, business finance, and health care. The SVAC National Standard was jointly formulated by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it was formally implemented on May 1, 2011. It is the first national information technology standard for national security - the national standard of the source of information, and has reached international standards. Advanced level.

At present, the relevant pilot projects based on the SVAC national standards have been accepted and delivered for use, and will be promoted in some provinces and municipalities as government projects.

According to Deng Zhonghan, chairman of China Star Microelectronics Co., Ltd., under the concerted efforts of both parties for many years, the SVAC national standard has become an important independent intellectual property and patent right in the Skynet monitoring system that safeguards the national social security. technology. The signing of this cooperation agreement will lay a good technical foundation for the further development of China's video information security and video online intelligence, and even beyond the current international level.

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