How to manage urban glass curtain walls?

How to manage urban glass curtain walls? On a sunny day, the glass curtain walls in the city are drastically “posted” in a series of urban sarcophagus forests, beautiful and light, and the shadows are oblique. However, after the tens of millions of square meters of glass curtain walls in the city had experienced wind and rain for 20 or 30 years, a considerable part of them was the “Sword of Damocles” in the city, hung on the head of the city. Become an implicit security risk. This hidden danger, in a sense, is also a hidden danger of public safety. News reports indicate that successive glass walls have come off and people in the city have become uneasy.

On June 7, the 70th municipal government executive meeting in Guangzhou reviewed and passed the “Responsibility for Housing Safety Supervision and Relevant Matters Concerning Urban Construction and Maintenance” of the city, which clearly stipulates related issues such as house safety supervision and maintenance. It is reported that the requirements for documents, the new glass curtain wall requires a comprehensive inspection within one year after acceptance, and should be checked once every five years. At the same time, the press conference also showed that with reference to the Shanghai practice, the municipal construction commission clearly took the lead in the safety supervision and management of building glass curtain walls and exterior wall coverings. The municipal land and housing management and quality and technical supervision departments actively cooperated according to their functions.

The application of the glass curtain wall in the city began in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the fully applied glass curtain wall building was actually built. Later, intensified, such as the Pearl River New City and other places, glass curtain wall has become a common choice for high-rise buildings. The large-scale use of glass curtain walls has aesthetic reasons, business reasons, and cost reasons. Otherwise, it will not be loved by developers and the approval of the planning department will, of course, also contribute to the development of the industry in this direction. However, according to relevant industry regulations, the safe use period of glass curtain walls is roughly twenty years. In other words, many glass curtain walls in cities have reached the peak of reconsolidation and consolidation. The municipal office meeting decided to conduct a safety screening of glass curtain walls in the city. It was a timely rain. In fact, Shanghai, Wuhan, and other cities have already fully implemented this work in the previous stage.

The municipal office meeting also clearly defined the department responsible for the safety management of glass curtain walls, that is, it was centralized in the housing management department. The media generally used the commentary or news headline “Glass Curtain Walls Have Managed” to celebrate this forehead, which indeed solved the problem of long-term multi-headed management. However, although it is the relevant departments that have established the main management body and even the main body of law enforcement, the ultimate responsibility for the safety and renewal of the responsibility of the glass curtain wall, when it is specifically implemented, is still somewhat vague. According to reason, the real estate's security consolidation, the person directly responsible should be the owner of the real estate, once the emergence of real estate security issues, no doubt, naturally the owner is responsible. However, as far as the safety of glass curtain walls is concerned, the day-to-day maintenance and care are the responsibility of property management companies. In this way, when there is a real security problem, it may be plagued with accountability or lengthy responsibilities to clarify the procedures. The contract between the existing property management and the owners, many of the provisions on the safety of glass curtain walls, I am afraid that is still a blank or is not clear, this situation may be a complete implementation of the municipal executive meeting resolution of the big issue.

Therefore, in the census of urban glass curtain walls, the main body that clarifies the safety and responsibility of the curtain walls should also be a prerequisite to ensure the smooth progress of the census consolidation and renewal work, completely eliminate the potential safety hazards of the city, and there are glass curtain wall constructions that pose potential safety hazards in the census. It should also be announced to the whole society. In a word, the results of the census form a scientific and forceful publication mechanism and make the responsible persons bear due legal responsibilities. Otherwise, the city’s resolution is a dead letter.

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