The secret to increasing the life of the overall wardrobe

Now that the wardrobe is moving towards diversification, our range of choices is constantly expanding. Of course, like human life, once we start with it, we must be kind to it. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the wardrobe maintenance. The big taboo problem is also very important for everyone to pay attention to.

First, avoid hard towing during hard handling, should be lightly lifted; put it flat when placed, if the ground is not flat, the legs should be solid to prevent damage to the blink structure;

Second, avoid placing the furniture in the sun, or avoid placing it in an excessively dry place to prevent cracking and deformation of the wood;

Third, avoid placing the furniture in a very humid place, so as to prevent the wood from exposing to moisture, and it will be easy to burn for a long time, and the drawer will not be opened;

Fourth, avoid pressing heavy objects on the top of furniture such as large wardrobes, so as to avoid the door protruding, the door is not tight; the clothing should also avoid excessive stacking, avoid exceeding the cabinet door to prevent deformation of the door;

5. Avoid washing with water or use rags to clean the furniture made of plywood. The online store of building materials should not be soaked in alkaline water to prevent the splint from dispersing or degumming;

6. Avoid using pigments and putties that are different from the original paint color of the furniture and mix them into the cracks of the furniture to avoid the scars;

7. Avoid using alkaline water or boiling water to wash the furniture or place high-concentration alcohol, banana water and freshly boiled boiling water on the table to prevent damage to the paint surface.

In daily life, the wardrobe is already playing an irreplaceable role. As something that goes along with it, we need to treat it with care. I hope that everyone will keep in mind the small series of instructions to make the wardrobe last longer.

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