Tiangong high-speed steel technology fills the domestic gap

Recently, the special fund project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in 2005, which was undertaken by Jiangsu Tiangong Tools Co., Ltd., “development and industrialization of high-quality rare earth high-speed steel for horizontal continuous casting” passed the acceptance of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The project successfully realized the large-scale production of horizontal continuous casting high-quality rare earth high-speed steel, and for the first time at home and abroad formed a large-scale production technology and process equipment for horizontal continuous casting production of high-quality rare earth high-speed steel, and produced rare earth high-speed steel products. The quality has reached the international advanced level.
In 2005, Tiangong Group cooperated with Southeast University and the Iron and Steel Research Institute to form a research team. In the past three years, the research team has studied various influencing factors in the horizontal production of high-speed steel electrode blank horizontal casting, and successfully realized the large-scale stable production of horizontal continuous casting high-quality rare earth high-speed steel; by extracting some characteristic parameters of the control system Developed a new adaptive PID control remelting technology; improved the quality of electroslag ingot by optimizing PID re-dissolving control parameters and feeding process, and improved the forging rate by more than 3%, and formed a new PID automatic remelting production process and Scale of operation. On this basis, the project team formed a complete production control process for horizontal continuous casting production of high quality rare earth high speed steel. The project has applied for 8 patents, including 5 invention patents; 3 authorized patents, including 1 invention patent. The project will build one high-speed steel horizontal continuous casting, fast forging and 850 hot rolling production line, complete the automatic control transformation of electroslag remelting equipment, build a new 110,000-volt substation and other supporting facilities, and form an annual output of 50,000 tons of high-quality rare earth high-speed. Steel production capacity.
It is reported that the total investment of the project is 224.43 million yuan, and it has received 20 million yuan from the special fund for the transformation of achievements in Jiangsu Province. During the project implementation period, the company produced 65,000 tons of high-quality high-speed steel and realized sales income of 3.163 billion yuan.

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