Precision grinding machine industry base rising in inheritance and creation

Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., a pioneer in the manufacture of domestic precision grinding machines, a well-known enterprise once known as one of the "two pearls" and "eighteen arhats" of the Chinese machine tool industry, one has created countless "firsts" for the development of national grinding machine products or Filling the gap in the country's largest grinding machine professional R & D and manufacturing base......
Founded in 1946 (formerly known as China Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.), the company imitated the Soviet grinding machine products from 1950 and successfully manufactured the first grinding machine in China, the 虬13 universal tool grinding machine, and now has more than ten kinds of products. Large categories, more than 300 series of products, its product technology development for more than 60 years, formed a clear track from scratch, from weak to strong. At present, the company's main business is focused on the production and application of grinding machines. The outer circle, plane, roll, crankshaft, double end, spline shaft, gear, thread, camshaft and other common, large and precise Grinding machines and special-purpose grinding machines and their application fields cover almost all domestic aviation, aerospace, railway, military, automobile and related equipment manufacturing industries, and gradually form the industrialization of large-scale, special-purpose, precision CNC grinding machines.
The development of product technology of Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of “inheritance and creation”. The innovative design and precision manufacturing are concentrated in the whole process of product development and manufacturing. All kinds of precision and high-end grinding machines are aerospace, military and metallurgy in China. , the automotive, marine, railway and other industries provide comprehensive grinding solutions. As early as the beginning of reform and opening up, the company successfully developed a series of high-tech CNC grinding machines with the MK8532 CNC curved grinding machine as a symbol. These products have been filled with many domestic blanks to further develop and manufacture ultra-precision, large-scale and special-purpose CNC for the future. The grinding machine and its grinding technology have laid a solid foundation.
In the mid-to-late 1980s, enterprises used the World Bank loan to transform themselves, fully exploiting the traditional advantages of precision manufacturing, introducing and digesting the US “Landis” technology, and manufacturing a series of CNC cylindrical grinding machines with international advanced level. And CNC crankshaft grinding machines. In the past ten years, with the adjustment of the national macro-policy and the requirements for revitalizing the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, enterprises have begun to focus on the key national industries such as automobiles, military industry, steel, energy, and railways. The company adheres to the road of independent technological innovation, constantly adjusts the product structure, enhances the product's energy level or level, and uses various special CNC grinding machines as the key research and development targets. It has developed and manufactured a number of high-tech large-scale, special-purpose, precision CNC grinding machines. Become the mainstream of enterprise R&D and manufacturing.
In 2004, the company successfully developed the H300 CNC cylindrical grinding machine exported to the United States. The grinding machine can grind the workpiece with a maximum outer diameter of 2300MM, a maximum length of 10000MM and a weight of up to 23 tons, and all kinds of important technical parameters have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, filling the blank of the large-scale CNC cylindrical grinding machine in China. The price of grinding machines has set the highest export price of single machines in China.
Strong technical force is always the support of enterprise product technology innovation. In the history of the company, there were three academicians. So far, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering is the only academician of the domestic machine tool enterprise. Under his leadership, a group of professional technicians including professor-level senior engineers have developed Various CNC grinding machines, including CNC camshaft belt grinding machines, CNC crankshaft grinding machines, CNC spline shaft grinding machines and CNC composite grinding machines, have developed into advanced levels and won many national technological progress awards. In the past three years, the company has obtained 25 patents, 8 of which are invention patents. The company's products have also won the titles of “China Famous Brand Products” and “Shanghai Famous Brand Products”.
The company has the first grinding machine research institute established in China approved by the state, responsible for the scientific development, planning and standard setting of the national grinding machine industry; the company is also with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., Japan Nak cooperated and set up a graduate studio; preparation for the establishment of an academician's studio with precision and ultra-precision processing technology as the main research direction, all of which symbolizes that enterprises are striving to build and form a frontier position for the development and application of advanced domestic grinding machine technology. .
In recent years, Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. is based on the manufacture of precision grinding machines, closely surrounding the development strategy of “adjusting the structure, leveling, and doing the main business of fine grinding machine”, showing the characteristics of advancing with the times in product research and development. In the past few years, a large, specialized and sophisticated high-end product line has been formed.
In the "big" and "special" aspects, the company developed a super large MKA84250/15000-H CNC roll grinder that can grind 250 tons of workpieces this year. This machine tool is the weight of the machineable object, machine tool specifications and technical performance. Its processing precision is the highest in China, marking that the company has entered a new milestone in the field of R&D and manufacturing of large-scale CNC grinding machines. In the “fine” aspect, the company has developed MG1480/H high-precision omnipotent for a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The cylindrical grinding machine can complete the external grinding of 800 mm diameter and 0.001 mm roundness under heavy load, which solves the technical problems of domestic grinding and fills the domestic blank, especially the grinding of the inner hole of the workpiece. The precision has reached the international advanced level. In terms of “small”, the company's nano-precision micro-CNC grinding machine Elite, which has been introduced in recent years, has a grinding wheel with a minimum diameter of only 0.2 mm, which is equivalent to the thickness of three hair filaments. The product was exhibited at the 7th China International Industry Fair. , caused great concern.
Facing the ever-changing technological development and market demand, Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. has determined that “to adjust the structure, the level is oriented, closely follow the national development strategy, combine product technology and manufacturing characteristics, shorten the product front, optimize product structure, and focus on development. With independent intellectual property rights, large market demand, and urgently needed products of major national special projects, we strive to create the guiding ideology of product technology development strategy of the 'first brand' of domestic large-scale precision grinding machines, and take “doing specialization and strengthening” Positioning, focusing on breaking through the key technologies of large-scale, high-precision CNC grinding machines, and achieving an overall improvement in product technology.
The so-called special, that is, focus on the production of grinding machines, give full play to the production characteristics of multi-variety and small batches on the machine, implement professional sales, professional product development and professional manufacturing, and then enhance the competitiveness of special machine tools; fine, that is, to implement lean production Ways to improve the use of funds, strengthen the precision machining, precision assembly, precision testing capabilities, to create the characteristics of precision manufacturing on the machine; strong, that is, do not engage in incapable scale expansion, cultivated on the basis of the most grinding machine in China to become the international leading advanced Manufacturing companies, instead of importing, go global and truly shoulder the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry.
To this end, the company selected four major categories of products: CNC roll grinders, CNC crankshaft grinders (large-scale marine crankshafts and automotive crankshafts), CNC cylindrical grinders, and CNC precision grinders as key development products. In conjunction with the research of major national science and technology projects, we will strive to achieve strategic breakthroughs in the four major products and further establish the position and brand of high-end grinding machines in the domestic market. At the same time, the company plans to use three years of self-development and introduction of technological transformation and supporting technologies, as well as management upgrades, so that the annual sales revenue of the mainframe, especially the four major categories of products, will achieve substantial growth, thus completing the adjustment of the industrial structure. .
In response to the country's latest textile industry, steel industry, automobile industry, equipment manufacturing industry and other ten major industrial revitalization plans, the company has successfully applied for "super heavy-duty CNC roll grinder" and "difficult-to-machine materials shaft parts ultra-high-speed precision cylindrical grinder "Fine, composite, CNC grinding machine", "CNC cutting point tracking crankshaft grinding machine", "Nano-scale precision micro-CNC grinding machine" and other five special topics, these major special declarations will provide a rare opportunity for enterprises to further improve product technology. opportunity.
The future product development orientation and direction of Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. will once again open a new page for the sustainable development of the company. Under the guidance of the concept of inheritance and creation, the company will always show the market and society to the development and innovation of product technology. Vigorous and vigorous vitality.

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