Emerson level gauge 3101LA1FRCNA specifications

Emerson Level Meter 3101LA1FRCNA Specifications Features Specifications:
Accuracy: up to 0.04% of range
Warranty: Up to 5 years limited warranty coverage ratio: up to 150: 1
Operating pressure: up to 300 psi (20.68 bar)
Process temperature range: Based on fill fluid-maximum 698 ° F (370 ° C), minimum -157 ° F (-105 ° C)
Communication protocol: WirelessHART
Sealing system type: Direct installation, adjustment system Transmitter connection: Welding-repairable process connection: Flange type: ANSI / ASME, EN / DIN, JIS
Process wetted materials: 316L stainless steel, alloy C-276, tantalum Diagnostics: Basic diagnostic certification / approval: NACE? Certification, hazardous location certification, please refer to the full specifications for a complete list of certifications

WirelessHART technology is safe and cost-effective, with data reliability> 99%
Adjustable system liquid level components and direct installation provide optimal performance for liquid level applications, optimize the structure of the sealing system, and ensure quality measurement in harsh processes
The SmartPower module can be operated for up to 10 years without maintenance, and can be replaced on site without removing the transmitter. Simple installation ensures that the measured value can be quickly displayed on the instrument without the cost of wiring

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l  Can inhibit the foam forming

l  Excellent defoaming property quickly

l  Stable and no separated layer in water based system

l  Good compatibility with water based resin and no floating oil phenomenon


Application and dosage:

l  Water based wood paint/coating

l  Water based industrial paint/coating

l  Water based automotive trim adhesive

l  Emulsion paint/coating

l  Water based coating etc.

Remark: Dilute the WC-DF505 by 3~5 times with water and add it into water based system.


Chemical composition:

l  Modified polydimethylsiloxane polymer


Technical data:

l  Appearance: Yellowish liquid

l  pH (25℃): 6~7

l  Active ingredient: ~30%

l  Viscosity (25℃): 500-1000 Cp


Package, Storage and Transportation

l  Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 25 kg/ barrel

l  Storage period: ~12 months in closed containers, shady and dry place


Defoamer (defoaming Agent)

Defoamer (defoaming Agent)

Defoamer Agent,Fatty Alcohol Defoamer,Polyether Defoamer,Organosilicone Defoamer

Shandong Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. , https://www.akdchemical.nl

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