How to achieve optimal control effect of methyl disulfuron in the face of malignant weeds

It is time for winter wheat planting. When it comes to wheat, the most important concern for farmers is herbicides . When it comes to wheat herbicides, “methyl disulfuron” is an unavoidable focus. Not only because it is the only one that can control the medicinal products, but more importantly, the safety of its use has been discussed by the public. All kinds of literature magazines and experts have a lot of introductions to this product. The author once again analyzes it from the perspective of practical use, and hopes to bring help to everyone's promotion and use.

Before talking about "methyl disulfuron", let us first fully understand the section of wheat. It is one of the thirteen goats and a grass weed that is very close to the wheat female. It is one of the top ten weeds in the world today. The main routes of wheat transmission are: wheat incorporation, surface residue, water infusion, bird and poultry transmission.

According to statistics: a section of wheat can send more than 10 to 30 tillers, a section of wheat can easily breed more than 500 seeds, the third year can reach More than 250,000 tablets. The life of the wheat is super strong, and the seeds can be unearthed from 3 to 20 cm underground. Therefore, it has two emergence peaks. It was unearthed from late October to mid-November 70%~80%. It was unearthed from late February to mid-March. 20% to 30%. These basic characteristics of the section of wheat have made it difficult to control.

In the prevention and control of wheat, the current methyl 2-sulfuron has the best control effect, and the control effect is about 40%~80%. Other agents such as: benzoxazole, acetylene oxalate, flufensulfuron and trimethoate It is only a very obvious inhibitory effect on the wheat in the seedling stage. While methyl disulfuron is a sulfonylurea herbicide, the common features of such herbicides, which are rapid, slow, and resistant, require us to be rigorous and careful when using them.

In conjunction with practical applications, talk about the use of methyl disulfuron:

1. Weak seedlings and saline-alkali land are forbidden to use; hard wheat and cold-tolerant varieties are used cautiously; the temperature is constant (7~10 days), the temperature is more stable, the weed grass age is small, and the control effect is obviously improved. After the temperature is repeated, it is easy to cause phytotoxicity; it can not be flooded (watering, water) for seven to ten days after administration; this should be noted for sulfonylurea herbicides.

2. Do not overdo it, do not re-spray (the same as corn control products, it is strictly prohibited to re-spray).

3. It was not used before 3 years ago, and it is forbidden to use medicine before and after jointing; there are many practical applications. After the jointing of wheat, the temperature rises (10~25°C) after the jointing, and the control effect on the wheat is good, no phytotoxicity; It is recommended to use with caution.

4. Gully gully, try to remove it; avoid the wheat seeds to enter the farmland with water and wind.

5. Double dilution, spray and spray; secondary dilution is an important step to improve the efficacy.

6. In-depth understanding of farmland targets, selection of formulas for target selection; although in recent years there are many products in the market, because the regions and plots are different, the grass phase is not the same, it is best to apply the "grass" .

7. It is recommended that the drug be used for prevention and control before the wheat is removed. The wheat is removed from the grass after heading; the second emergence after the wheat year and the early maturity of the wheat are 10 to 15 days, so as to avoid the next year.

The control of wild oats and buckwheat has not ended yet. The situation of the martial arts has become extremely serious. The influence of ryegrass has also begun to emerge... We can no longer stagnate in the era of "methyl disulfuron" , agricultural people, we still need to work hard!

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(Source: Pesticide Market Information)

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