What is the price of hydraulic pipe bender? What operating procedures does it have?

Pipe benders are helical spring-shaped tools, and there are many types of pipe benders, including hydraulic pipe benders. Hydraulic pipe bender is a new type of tool with pipe bending function and jacking function. Hydraulic pipe benders are mainly used for pipeline installation and repair in industries such as factories, warehouses, docks, construction, railways and automobiles. In addition to its function as a pipe bender, it can also be used as a separate hydraulic jacking machine by removing this part of the pipe bend. For different types of hydraulic pipe benders on the market, the performance in terms of price will also be different, so what is the price of hydraulic pipe benders?



Hydraulic pipe bender price


SWG-1 inch electric pipe bender hydraulic pipe bender pipe bending tool manual pipe bender SWG-25 wooden box: ï¿¥ 540.00

Electric pipe bender DWG electric pipe bender hydraulic multifunctional stainless steel pipe bending machine round pipe: ï¿¥ 5500.00

Manual hydraulic pipe bender galvanized pipe iron pipe steel pipe overall pipe bender 1 inch 2 inch 3 inch 4 inch S-5 (applicable 22-114 outer diameter): ï¿¥ 6001.00

Taiyou multifunctional SWG manual hydraulic pipe bender stainless steel electric hydraulic pipe bender galvanized pipe hydraulic machine 3 inch roller models with 6 molds outer diameter 22mm-89mm: ï¿¥ 2620.00

SWG manual hydraulic pipe bending machine electric hydraulic pipe bender galvanized pipe iron steel pipe 1 inch 2 inch 3 inch 4 inch SWG-2 (φ22-60) casters: ¥ 1116.00

Note: The above prices are all from the Internet, for reference only.


Operation rules of hydraulic pipe bender


1. The machine tool must be well grounded, and the wire should not be less than 4mm2 copper flexible wire. It is not allowed to access the power supply voltage that exceeds the specified range, plug-in plug-ins can not be charged, and the control circuit cannot be tested with a megohmmeter, otherwise the device may be damaged.

2. When plugging or unplugging the connector, do not pull the wire or cable to prevent the solder from pulling off.

3. Proximity switches, encoders, etc. cannot be hit with hard objects.

4. Do not hit the display unit with sharp objects.

5. The electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases.

6. Don't install or change the input and output terminals of the PC without permission.

7. When changing the power supply of the machine tool, the motor rotation must be confirmed again.

8. The machine tool should be kept clean, in particular, it should be noted that there should be no foreign objects in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliders.

9. Add lubricating oil to the chain and other sliding parts regularly.

10. The power supply must be disconnected during cleaning and maintenance.

11. Preparation before starting: Check whether the oil level of the fuel tank reaches the oil level line, refuel at each lubrication point, confirm the motor rotation after starting, check whether the oil pump has abnormal sound, and check the hydraulic system for oil leakage after starting (angle encoder is not allowed) Come on);

12. Pressure adjustment: adjust the pressure with an electromagnetic overflow valve to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure, generally not higher than 12.5Mpa .

13. Mold adjustment: mold installation requires that the mold and the clamping block be centered, and the clamping block can be adjusted with bolts; the booster block and the mold are centered, the booster block is adjustable; the core head and the mold are centered, and the core head frame is released Bolt, tighten the bolt after adjusting the center.

The above is the content about the price of hydraulic pipe bender and its operating procedures introduced to friends. The new type of hydraulic pipe bender has many advantages, so it is widely used by everyone. Most of the hydraulic pipe benders can be summarized into several representative ones, and the differences between products are reflected in the price and other aspects.

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