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On the afternoon of July 28th, 2019, the new power of domestic products left and right sofas teamed up with a pocket of home furnishing APP to hold the "Discovering · Great New Domestic Products" Big Coffee Forum in Shenzhen.

Hong Xiaoshan, the executive vice president of the left and right sofas, Xu Honghu, the founder of Yidou Sugar Home App, Xie Yingkai, a well-known designer, and Yumu Mu, the brand manager of Ersanwu Group, gathered with nearly 200 audiences to discuss the current "national tide fever" phenomenon To share the ideal "new domestic product" in their hearts.

From Quality to Cultural Inheritance, the Road to New National Goods-Hong Xiaoshan

In response to the transformation and upgrading of domestic product brands, Mr. Hong Xiaoshan, Executive Vice President of Left and Right Sofas, shared the efforts made by Left and Right Sofas in product concept, design and technical innovation over the years, from Boao Chair, Longxing Chair, Milan "bureau", to 2018 In 2016, as the first Chinese furniture brand to land in the main hall of Milan International Furniture Fair, the left and right sofas adhered to the original design path, constantly designing works embodying Oriental philosophy, creating a "new national product" outlet, and also led the industry to implement green furniture quality certification standards With the technical requirements of “compared with international standards and higher than national standards”, it is leading the development of Chinese furniture consumption ecology in the direction of quality and health.

For more than 30 years, the left and right sofas have been focusing on improving product quality while also doing "cultural philosophy", constantly adapting to the preferences of contemporary people and young people. For example, the use of new wood species keeps pace with the times, replaces the trend of old-fashioned mahogany furniture, makes young people prefer fashionable and cost-effective good furniture, and expresses their life attitudes and ideas. From focusing on quality, to cultural inheritance and green development, every step of the left and right sofas is very firm.

In the future, the left and right sofas will also conduct cross-border cooperation with the palace culture of the Forbidden City, highlight the beauty of traditional Chinese culture through cultural heritage innovation, and interpret the beauty of the national tide from another angle. Left and right will continue to hold more new domestic products brands, participate deeply in the cultural communication activities of major countries, and jointly promote the rise of "new national products".

Self-confidence and self-reliance of domestic products-Zhu Kun

The rise of new domestic products is based on the world, and the ingenuity of artisans is inseparable behind it. Mr. Zhu Kun, Secretary-General of Peking University Lifestyle Research Institute and producer of "One Hundred Hearts and One Hundred Craftsmen", is a well-deserved discoverer of "a great new domestic product".

At the scene, he focused on the theme of "Confidence and Renewal of Domestic Products", unlocked the password of the integration and inheritance of domestic products from multiple angles, and discussed the development path of "Confidence and Renewal" of domestic products.

Regarding how to refine the cultural foundation behind domestic products, Zhu Kun believes that new domestic products must be combined with the social content of modern people and the lifestyle of modern people. "Revival of domestic products should not be the concept of manufacturing, or should not be a brand, or something that some designers can accomplish, requires a lot of social engineering, but also requires some philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, artists, The director intervenes. "

Internet gameplay of new domestic products-Xu Honghu

In this forum, Xu Honghu, the founder of Sugar Home App and pioneer of the Internet home furnishing industry, shared the path of "fantastic new domestic products" spreading on the home Internet platform, and exchanged with the big coffee from all walks of life to create more new Internet products. The atmosphere of the forum is climaxing.

"Taking domestic products as" goods "to look at it in itself, I think it is the greatest respect for domestic products and the greatest progress for our people. "Xu Honghu said, a pocket model has a lot of sugar APP home owners, they are also those who experience domestic products, grass officer, using its own keen senses of life, eyes dug many" great new domestic products. " From discovering, planting grass to expanding sound volume, the Internet provides a fertile ground for new domestic products.

Design and Space Exploration under the New Wave of "Chinese Goods"-Xie Yingkai

The famous designer Xie Yingkai positioned herself in three identities in her speech: future lifestyle insight, meaningful space provider, and social co-creator. With his own understanding of humanistic design, he clearly realized that he wanted to have a higher-level, personalized service and consumption experience after the 1980s and 1990s. "Domestic goods does not refer to an item, including furniture, including a house, it may carry The epitome of our lives, our family concept, these things constitute the meaning of domestic products. "

Therefore, when the new generation buys furniture, they are no longer satisfied with its function. They pay more attention to the expression of personality and taste on the furniture. This also makes them more willing to pay for "feelings", and domestic products can also have new markets.

"I think whether it is designing a product or transforming a space, the most important thing is to understand what you want to convey, such as the relationship between people and how to communicate through the design. " Xie Yingkai is based on years of accumulated experience in space design , Appealing to more designers not to only focus on the surface phenomenon of a certain trend, but to really explore in depth, according to people's different lifestyles, to convey the state of love between people in the space.

Let the old craftsmanship enter the new life of the moment-Yumumu

The new domestic product is not a vague concept, it is a thing around. The owner of the two or three things brand, Yumu Mu, a pocket of sugar home app "2018 model homeowner", has a profound experience.

In the process of carpentry, she found that the Nordic, modern, and minimalist styles that everyone is eagerly pursuing are actually similar to traditional Chinese ideas. And the new life of domestic products in her mind is to let these old crafts enter into the new life of the moment. This is a lifestyle advocacy.

The whole forum was full, and there were no lack of sofa enthusiasts and many new domestic product discoverers actively participating. In the end, the interactive session was lively and diverse, and the attitudes they expressed all formed a huge amount of voice for the rise of domestic products.

In order to bring the audience a visual and physical "national tide" experience, the forum also set up a "Discovering · Great New Chinese Goods" time exhibition. Audiences happily shuttled between different styles of living rooms. The forum changed photos and punched in a holy place. While getting beautiful pictures, they felt the charm of new domestic products. Among the quality of new domestic products, they felt "made in China" to "made in China" Bright changes and profound connotation.

From the once craftsmen made domestic products to the current domestic product tide, nowadays, an item is not only representative of its original role and meaning, but also behind each Chinese product brand and every Chinese product discoverer jointly raised the curtain of the times All the temperaments, ideas, and tones that determine brand differentiation are presented in this terminal.

As Chairman Huang Huakun of the left and right sofas said: "New domestic products highlight the charm of traditional Chinese culture through cultural heritage." After more than thirty years of brand building, the left and right sofas have become the "national sofa" brand and become the "new national product" of the home furnishing industry. Make products and use actions to boost the courage of the new standard.

We believe that the new generation also hopes to see the traditional Chinese products get rid of the past and burst out with a fresh and personal side, thus bringing better changes to their lives.

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