Electric fuel pump works

Fuel pump mainly by the pump, permanent magnet motor and the shell of three parts. The working principle is: After the permanent magnet motor drives the pump body to rotate, the fuel is sucked in from the oil sump, flows through the inside of the electric fuel pump, and then is pressed out from the oil outlet to supply oil to the fuel system. Electric fuel pump shell crimping riveting at both ends, so that the various components of a non-removable assembly, the electric fuel pump is generally not repaired. Additional features of the fuel pump by the safety valve and check valve to complete the role of safety valve is to avoid the fuel pipeline obstruction, the pressure is too high cause pipe rupture or damage the fuel pump phenomenon. The relief valve has a nominal pressure of 2.6 bar and the check valve is set to prevent oil from sealing the circuit when the fuel pump is out of service, keeping the fuel system at a residual pressure for the next engine start-up. The electric fuel pump is installed on the bottom shell inside the fuel tank of the vehicle, and the bottom shell of the fuel tank is provided with a sump partially subsided. The oil pump sucks oil from the sump when it is working. The oil outlet is connected with the external oil supply pipe through the fuel tank cap through the oil pipe. The upper part of the pump cover by the fuel tank cap and gasket, the pump tightly pressed in the tank. There is oil on the pump, oil return gauge arrow, according to the arrow to determine the pipeline connection. Weidong pump more related articles Read: Screw pump maintenance Centrifugal pump with magnetic pump Common failure analysis and troubleshooting

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