Introduction of Efficiency Improvement Technology for Large and Medium Vertical Axial Flow Pumping Station

First, the main purpose At present, China's large and medium-sized vertical axial flow pump stations generally exist behind the hydraulic model backward, the actual operation of the pump head is much lower than the pump design lift, unstable operation and overhaul cycle is short, the use of this new technology can be achieved Improve pumping station efficiency, increase pumping station traffic, reduce energy consumption, improve safety and stability, and extend the period of overhauling. Second, the technical points 1. According to the specific requirements of specific pumping station, select or design the best axial flow pump model, match the design lift of pumping station with the actual operation lift of pumping station, increase the pumping capacity of pumping station, improve the pump cavitation performance and improve the stability of operation. 2. Maintain the civil engineering and buried parts of the pump station does not move, to retain the matching motor and other electrical equipment, only replace the pump key components (such as pump wheel, pump housing and guide vane segment). 3. Optimize the pump structure, improve materials, improve the quality of pump parts processing, extending the overhaul cycle. Taking Xinjiang Bosten West Water Pumping Station as an example, West West Pump Station is equipped with six 16CJ-80 fully-regulated vertical axial-flow pumps. The water pump runs away from its high-efficiency zone for a long period of time, pumping efficiency is very low and the pumping capacity of the pumping station is no longer sufficient Growing water needs downstream. Pump to take the following measures: Replace the pump, pump housing and guide vane segments, with the I27 pump and G17 guide vane replacement of the original pump and guide vanes, stainless steel pump impeller, the appropriate increase in pump diameter and pump overcurrent Area, simplify the pump structure. After the renovation, the total flow of the pumping station increased by 40% and the relative device efficiency increased by 37%. The energy consumption per tonne of rice was reduced by 1.56kW · h, the annual energy saving was 4.368 million kW · h, and the overhaul period was extended by 3 years. Leading level. Third, the scope of large and medium-sized vertical axial pump station. Fourth, the expected benefits China's irrigation and drainage power holdings have more than 70 million kW, there are more than 300 large pumping stations for the sustainable development of the national economy has provided a strong support. At present, nearly half of the large and medium-sized vertical axial-flow pump stations were built in the 1960s and 1970s and have entered the period of renewal and reconstruction. Some large and medium-sized vertical axial-flow pump stations, built in the 1960s and 1970s, The reasons are urgent to be modified, the application of this technology will have a tremendous economic and social benefits. Taking Bohu West Pumping Station as an example, the electricity and overhaul expenses saved after the reform and operation for 3 years can all be reimbursed for the retrofit expenses. After the pump is changed, the water flow of the pumping station is increased by 17.4m3 / s, which can save the need for building the same flow pump station Of the capital of 18 million yuan (calculated at the price of 1988) will improve irrigation area of ​​1 million mu, help to improve Bo Lake water quality, protect the ecological environment and create water supply conditions for petroleum, chemical and other industrial water supplies. Its social and ecological benefits can not be estimated. Fifth, technology sources China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research.

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