Vertical loop ground source heat pump system highlights the advantages

1. Energy-efficient - heat pump operation, the energy input and output ratio of up to 1: 3 in the heating state, the cooling state of about 1: 5; even under partial load conditions, but also efficient operation, Operating costs only 40% to 60% of traditional central air conditioning. 2. Safe and reliable - without any explosion or burning hazards, underground heat exchangers using high-density polyethylene plastic pipe, life expectancy of up to 50 years, a few spare units to ensure the normal supply of air conditioning, easy maintenance, low cost. 3. To save investment - do not have to set up a large central main unit, saving room area; no boiler room, saving boiler room area, saving coal yard area, saving workers spending; 4 simple structure - no boiler room, no cooling tower, the system is simple and clear, easy and architectural decoration to meet the appearance of the building to maintain beauty; no outdoor parts, without defrosting. 5. Flexible partition - easy partition, flexible setting, simple adjustment of each partition, individual device failure, does not affect the use of other areas; non-stay area can be disabled at any time. 6. Household measurement - can be divided into household measurement accounting, billing reasonable and convenient. 7. Zero environmental pollution - no boiler room, there is no coal, oil pollution, but also to the sky blue; underground pipeline closed, without any groundwater pollution, protect the purity of the earth. 8. Use a wide range - both cooling and heating, without the need for central heating, without the necessary groundwater, without the need for a larger outdoor area, where the power to reach, can be applied.

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