Modified Aluminium Hydroxide Improves Epoxy Oxygen Index

In unsaturated polyesters, Ground Aluminium Hydroxide with a particle size of 8 μm is mostly used for flame retardancy. According to the data 40-50 finely ground to 8υm Aluminium Hydroxide Coarse Powder, 1.75% antimony oxide and 1.75% halogen-containing phosphoric acid vinegar can get good workability of the SMC; in addition to good flame retardancy, it produces less smoke, electrical characteristics can accept. Through the study of Fine Aluminium Hydroxide with different particle sizes, it is shown that the polarity of the resin is quite uniform when it is above 8 υm. When it is less than 8 υm, the oxygen index increases significantly. In the epoxy resin, Micron Powder Aluminium Hydroxide has increased significantly in the oxygen index, such as adding 80 parts into 100 parts of epoxy resin , the oxygen index increased from 20 to 27.5, such an epoxy resin is available In the sealing materials, casting, epoxy glass fiber. In terms of electricity, aluminum hydroxide can enhance the arc resistance and arc resistance of the epoxy resin. Aluminum hydroxide filled epoxy resin in the production of transformers, insulating equipment, switching devices, also have great prospects for development. Surface-Treatment Aluminium Hydroxide flame retardants are synthetic materials, one of the halogen-free flame retardants. It has three major functions of flame retardant, smoke elimination and filling. It has no secondary pollution when burning. It not only disperses well in polymers, but also widely used in plastics and rubber products such as electrician, electric wire, cable, daily necessities, construction material, transportation, etc.

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