Phosphorus pig iron desulfurization method for aluminum

The project studied the mechanism of phosphorous iron desulfurization and studied the desulphurization agent and desulphurization technology conditions applicable to the desulfurization of phosphorus pig iron for anode casting, so as to achieve the objective of avoiding both the large damage to the lining of the desulfurizer and ensuring a better desulfurization effect. . This project mainly studies the effect of pure iron powder, CaO, and calcium carbide on the desulfurization of phosphorous pig iron. It develops and innovates the calcium carbide desulfurization agent and desulfurization technology for smelting phosphorus pig iron in an induction furnace, so that the high sulfur return iron can be recycled. Research indicates: 1, aluminum with phosphorus pig iron desulfurization, the use of calcium carbide desulfurization; 2. The removal rate of sulfur is more than 60%, and the sulfur content in phosphorus pig iron can be reduced from 0.25% to less than 0.15%; 3. It can reduce the sulfur content in phosphorus pig iron, improve the flow performance and pouring effect of phosphorus pig iron, reduce the carbon pressure drop of anode iron, and save power consumption; 4. It can reduce the damage of the desulfurizer to the lining of the induction furnace and better combine the desiliconization with the protective lining. The results have been applied in the company, annual savings of raw material costs up to 170,000 yuan, reducing the company's production costs, resulting in a good economic efficiency.

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