Changzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce did not forget that the initial cooperation and joint efforts did not come from the hooves

Don't forget to join forces and create a joint effort

Never forget the first heart of the relay to create a future self - driven.


The Third Session of the Board of Directors and General Meeting of the 5th Changzhou Furniture Association and the New Year’s Annual Meeting

On January 15th, the Changzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce held a grand symposium on the theme “Forget the heart and create the future”—the 2018 theme conference and the spring party.

The main leaders and guests who were invited to attend the conference were: Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Yan Ronghui and Deputy Director Chen Minghua, Deputy Director Wang Jianghua of the Civil Affairs Bureau and Director Zhu Huanan, President Feng Jianhua of the Provincial Family Association, and leaders of the Alliance of Friendly Furniture Association, etc. And the Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce of the municipalities directly under the city.

The conference opened the curtain in the singing of the majestic "National Anthem"!

1 Conference Hosting--Chairman Wu Chuankuan of Changzhou Furniture Trade Association

2 Chairman of Changzhou Furniture Association Wang Hanxin - Work Report

President Wang Hanxin made a "work report." In his report titled “Insist on the New Vision of the Purpose of the Service Objectives and Join Forces to Create the Changzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce”, he reviewed the main work of the Chamber of Commerce in 2017 and looked forward to the concept of work of the Chamber of Commerce in 2018.

3 Wu Xilin, Executive Vice President of Changzhou Furniture Association - Financial Report

Executive Vice President Wu Xilin made the "Financial Report." The report pointed out that: In 2017, the total revenue of the Chamber of Commerce was 0.253 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.06%; the total expenditure in 2017: 249,300 yuan, a year-on-year reduction in expenditure of 23.53%; the balance of payments was 1067.68 yuan; the Chamber of Commerce "net cash balance of book value over the years" was 11.28. Ten thousand yuan.

4 New executive director, director, member awarding ceremony

After deliberation and decision by the council, the newly appointed executive director of the awarding ceremony was: Gu Shengli, Zhang Jianrong, Fan Qiaolin, and other three directors, plus Zhang Xinde, Qian Jianzhong, and Zhou Yongchang, who were promoted to standing director in July. At present, there are 6 standing directors; Newcomers include: Wang Xiaohua, Zhu Yungao, Wu Jun, Xu Jiandong, Huang Xiaoliang, Wang Houshi, etc. 6 members; Newcomers include: Yu Fadu, Bai Hongliang, Chen Chong, Guan Shanquan, etc. applicant.

5 2017 advanced collective and advanced individual recognition

According to the recommendations of the Democratic Party and the deliberation of the Council, the year 2017 was honored with 2 Outstanding Contribution Awards, 16 Outstanding Member Units, 8 Outstanding Director Units, 1 Outstanding Vice Presidential Unit, and Outstanding Membership. Group "1. The award ceremony is simple, grand and warm! The winning units and individuals are full of energy and energy!

Outstanding Contribution Award Winners and Award Leaders

Outstanding member and photo of the award leader Zhao Huichang

Excellent Governing Unit Award Ceremony

Photo of advanced collectives, advanced individuals and collective leaders

Zhang Xinggang, the outstanding vice president of the company, and Mr. Feng, the president of the Provincial Association of the awarding leaders

Zhang Xinggang, Vice President of the Outstanding Member Group, and Chairman of the Awarding Leading City Federation of Industry and Commerce

6 Chamber of Commerce Party Branch is commended by the Municipal Chamber of Commerce

City Federation of Industry and Commerce leaders were honored with the 2017 "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" - Chamber Branch of the Chamber of Commerce, "Excellent Party Member" - Tang Xiaohua and "Excellent Party Worker" - Zheng Xiaoping for their award in recognition of the party committee of the City Chamber of Commerce!

Vice President and Secretary of the Party Branch Zheng Xiaoping, Director Tang Xiaohua and the Award Leader

7Leadership speech - affirming the past

The Deputy Director of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Wang Jianghua, the President of the Provincial Association Jia Jianhua and the Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Yan Ronghui made important speeches respectively. The three leaders all fully affirmed that the Changzhou Furniture Merchants Association had made remarkable achievements in various work in 2017, and put forward the ardent expectations and demands for the work of the Chamber of Commerce in 2018 that are forging ahead with unity, making persistent efforts, innovating and pioneering, and creating brilliant achievements.

Speech by Wang Jianghua, Director of the Social Organization Management Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau

Feng Jianhua, President of Jiangsu Furniture Association made an important speech

Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Qi Ronghui made an important speech

8 dinner parties - lucky draws and cultural performances

Calligrapher Mr. Kou's Calligraphy Draw

Grand Prize Winner - Zhu Jianxin and Vice President Gong Jingang

singing and dancing

singing and dancing

singing and dancing

singing and dancing

9 The Fifth Session of the Third Board of Directors

Before the conference, the council of the chamber of commerce held the "3rd Meeting of the 5th Board of Directors". This is a meeting of "opening the first chapter and innovating articles."

The “First Assessment” in which “the 35 members of the participating committee are assessed on a one-person-one-vote basis with respect to each of the president’s annual work performances” is counted as a percentage of the annual assessment by 30%. After the summary, the results are announced on the spot.

The first “comparative review of democratic recommendation of outstanding presidents, outstanding member groups, outstanding members, outstanding members, and outstanding contribution awards” was established. All directors of the conference exercised their own recommendation rights according to the “one person, one vote” equal authority, and elected “outstanding president units”, “excellent member groups”, “outstanding governing units”, “excellent member units” and “outstanding contributions”. Awards" award winners. While fully promoting democracy, the conference achieved "a better unity of democracy and concentration."

The first "opening chapter precedent" was made for "regarding compliance with regulations and exercising the power of appointment and dismissal." The Board of Directors reviewed and passed the decision on the appointment of the “regular directors, directors, and new members”, and also considered and passed the “three disqualifications and disqualifications” decision for the first time. This is not only an effective practice for the Chamber of Commerce “to organize according to chapters and regulations, but also to manage according to regulations”, and is also the best choice for “doing things according to the rules and managing according to regulations”.

Board of directors attending the meeting seriously considers various agendas

Council members attending the meeting meticulously consider various agendas

In the 2018 Spring Festival Evening Party, with the stunning appearance of the host and the wonderful speech of President Wang Hanxin, the atmosphere of the party rose steadily and gradually became better!

Scenes of gas, drums, gas, mood, pottery, square dancing, modern dance, and song and dance are all accompanied by mellow watery music, colorful lights, and graceful dances. Difficult popularity index!

A round of lucky draw is not only nearly 100% winning face, and one after another lottery kept non-stop, winning more than a few thousands of thousands of awards even caught everyone's attention! Waiting for winning! The joy of winning! The scene is magnificent and shocking!

A wave of WeChat red envelopes endlessly, grab stop. Grabbing high and colorful, satisfied, unable to grab the hope of running, happy. This scene, the momentum, climaxes, it's lively, can not help!

Thank you very much for the support of the sponsors of this annual meeting!

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