[Dry goods] furniture dealer: How to become the regional leader?

When you do anything, you will enjoy a lot of extra benefits as long as you become the first, and the area of ​​furniture sales is no exception.

The furniture industry is very large and has a close relationship with the people's livelihood; the furniture industry has a wide range of products and a very fine division of labor; the furniture industry is somewhat similar to the fashion industry, and its fashion trends have changed rapidly. All of these factors determine the rapid internal differentiation of the furniture sales industry. It is difficult for a company to sit for a long time in the sales leader position.

Whether it is an industry veteran or a newcomer to the industry, furniture dealers are always faced with a difficult problem: how to keep their leading position, or how to strive to become a leader? - Of course, the regional leader.

China's furniture market is vast, and differences in consumption levels and consumer preferences vary greatly. At present, there has not been a situation in which a nationwide retail giant dominates the world.

We have seen that the Red Star Meikailong and the Home of Hope have ambitious plans for expansion throughout the country, but their cost of opening stores is extremely high and the demand for funds is very large. With the current development trend, the two retail channel companies want to It is not realistic to become the leader in furniture sales. On the contrary, many regional distributors are still the object of their competition.

From this perspective, trying to become the regional leader in furniture sales is a very promising task.

To become a regional leader, we must first work hard to observe the industry trends. The trend of the furniture industry has changed rapidly. Many regional distributors of furniture sales have experienced hallucinations because they are making money too comfortable. They feel that they have truly become experts in the industry and that everything in the industry is omniscient. As a result, industry trends are suddenly high. Change, when he is ready to go quickly, consumers have turned to throw themselves into the operating abyss. Because of the industry's leading regional distributors wrong direction, while examples fall into the plight of the minority.

This is followed by sales and profit. In a sense, furniture is just in need of consumption. At the same time, it is also a durable goods consumption. Advertising is more and more, and it is difficult to immediately generate profits in the short term. The market cultivation period of furniture sales must be matched with one's own ability to bear, and it is possible to succeed.

Some furniture dealer profits in the short term, rapid foothold, and then grow and develop, the most important reason is just step quasi-market development of rhythm, grab a new selling point.

Therefore, the new furniture dealers may not be much worse than the old furniture dealers and have no experience. Instead, they have less shackles of restraint and thinking, and dare to innovate boldly.

As mentioned above, the fashion trends in the furniture industry are changing rapidly, and newcomers are often more sensitive to new selling points. The new trend of the furniture industry plays an important role in sales. Furniture sales experts should first be a forecasting expert in the trend of the furniture industry, at least should be a very keen observer, and have a comprehensive view of the current furniture industry. , profound understanding and judgment, otherwise, falling into a business dilemma is a matter of time.

Third, after a certain amount of profit accumulates, we must dare to make moderate expansion on the scale and occupy a leading position to gain greater competitive advantage. In fact, the furniture retail industry is also not suitable for the business philosophy of Xiaofuyi'an. On the contrary, it is of utmost importance to be the regional leader in the shortest possible time, and at least the regional leader in the segment.

In a county, in a city, it becomes a leader in the sales of furniture of a certain category of American, European, new Chinese, and modern furniture, and it can also obtain a huge competitive advantage.

Fourth, to become a regional leader, propaganda is a means, sales are fundamental, and profits are guaranteed. Some companies rely heavily on borrowing to carry out intensive advertising investment. They hope that they will accomplish their mission and gain a commanding height. These companies often fall into a vicious cycle due to high operating costs and too low recycling costs.

In fact, propaganda is just a means. More work should also be devoted to sales and management. A large amount of sales is the best slogan. Appropriate profit is the fundamental guarantee of business. Must not be obsessed with advertising effects. Of course, clever and regular advertising investment is indispensable.

If you can not become well-known brand dealer, you also have the opportunity to become the leading regional distributors; if you have become well-known brand dealer, you still have to carefully study the trend of furniture, to observe well-known brands have flawless grasp of the market, Is it worried that it is deviating from the correct fairway?

Furniture dealer will be difficult about the manufacturers, then to become regional chief, this is a very challenging job with excellent future prospects.

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