Good wooden floor or ceramic tiles

Nowadays, the endless variety of wood and tile floors in the building materials market make people increasingly unaware of which material they should choose for renovation. So today, Xiao Bian has come to give you detailed answers to the questions about whether the wooden floor is good or the ceramic tile is good . Interested friends should check it out.

1, both sides advantages

a, wooden floor

(a) Health and environmental protection

As we all know, because it is taken from nature, as long as it is a pure solid wood material, whether it is from the appearance or the internal quality, its environmental performance is very livable, so for the owners who respect the natural taste Good wood flooring or tiles, they usually choose the former.

(b), comfortable touch, strong anti-slip performance

This kind of flooring material will not be as cold as the tiled floor even if it is in the cold winter, and it also has a good anti-skid effect, so if there are people with old or young children who ask whether the wooden floor is good or Tiles are good, obviously the answer is wooden floors.

b. Tile floor

(a) Beautiful and durable

Compared to the cost of conservation and cost of wooden flooring, the tiled floor can maintain its brand-new appearance for a longer period of time and it will be more convenient to clean. Therefore, for the housewife, the wooden floor is better or the ceramic tile is better. They naturally prefer the latter.

(b) Variety of styles

Because it is made by manual processing, so there are a variety of patterns and patterns for consumers to choose according to their own preferences, so if you want to make your own home look different friends consult the wooden floor is good Or ceramic tiles, it may be recommended to them the latter.

2. Disadvantages of both parties

a, wooden floor

(a) Easy to mix fake and shoddy products

In general, no matter how good the solid wood is, it cannot be directly used without being processed. Therefore, there are no bad businesses that add some materials that easily generate formaldehyde during the production process, thus causing very serious health risks to the occupants.

(b) Short service life

This material is derived from natural, but also tend to be more easily ageing and cracking, even if it is often maintained, it will inevitably gradually deteriorate under the years of polishing, so its replacement cost is usually higher.

b. Tile floor

(a) Poor anti-skid effect

In the answer to the question of whether the wooden floor is good or the tile is good , many people choose the former because of its weak anti-skid effect, as long as there is a little water stain, it is easy to cause a fall accident.

(b) Poor sound insulation

Tiled floors are always loud and trampling sounds are also a big headache for many owners.

Xiao Bian Conclusion: Well, that's a lot of people are troubled, and on wooden floor tiles good or good content, we hope that through this article, can help you find the right direction to buy, buy right for you Flooring material.

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