How to do beautiful seam floor beauty seam what are the benefits

After the tile is finished, you can see that there is a certain depression between the gaps. If it is not processed, then it is very easy to get ash, and it may also interfere with the aesthetic performance of the entire floor decoration. . The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the benefits of how to make beautiful seams and how to make beautiful seams.

How to make a beautiful floor seam

1. How to make a beautiful floor joint : construction method

First, the US sizing agent will be loaded into the glue gun, and then slowly and evenly force the material into the seam, after a good one (about 0.2 meters), then use a wooden wedge to block the nozzle, and then use a small scraper. Or the finger will immediately smooth the US grout so that the spilled material on both sides of the brick joint can be wiped off with a moist sponge, and must be wiped before the US grout is not solidified. And this should be reminded that every time after erasing, the sponge should be cleaned with water, so that it will be convenient for the next time. If it is more than 3mm, and the US grout filled into the tile joint is more uniform, then you will not Squeeze the US sizing agent and let it level off automatically.

2. How to make a beautiful floor seam : leave a gap of 1mm deep

Before the construction of the US grout, you can use a rag or a fine-bristled brush to clean the inside of the magazine such as dust. Apply textured paper on both sides. The textured paper should be about 0.5mm from the edge of the slit. Place the US sizing agent on the glue gun and evenly press it along the seams. About 1 meter in construction, immediately apply evenly with your fingers or a small scraper. When the USG does not solidify (approx. 1 meter), you can easily remove the textured paper.

What are the benefits of doing beautiful sewing?

1, this product gives people looks beautiful, pleasant and comfortable visual experience: US grout large feature is a rich color, no matter what color you use are able to bright natural, after solidification surface will be smooth as porcelain The protective film, this not only has a very high brightness, but it also has the same degree of rigidity as the ceramic tile. This product can be used to integrate ceramic tile and ceramic tile into a whole, which looks beautiful and generous, but also Brilliant feeling.

2. The production materials of the US sizing agent used in the US seam are derived from polymer compounds made of natural resin materials, as well as high-grade pigments and special auxiliaries. The three are refined to make the sizing agent green and environmentally friendly. This material also contains no toxic substances that are harmful to the human body. This is the only way to guarantee genuine environmental protection materials.

3. After the beauty sewing, the home must remember to be clean and the dirty black gap is wiped out: After the tiles are beautifully stitched, we know that the gaps that are easy to filth and provide shelter for various bacteria will be completely Filling up, beautiful sewing not only ensures the clean and beautiful appearance of the tiles, but also makes the effect last longer and never falls off.

Summary: What are the benefits of how to make beautiful seams and how to make beautiful seams? Related content is introduced to this, after the tiles are finished, it is necessary to give the floor a beautiful seam. This will not only protect the seam of the floor, but also play a role in beautification. , but also can make people feel brighter.

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