What is the difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture?

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In daily life, people usually confuse solid wood furniture with wood furniture, but they think that they are all wooden furniture. As for the difference between the two, few people can really talk about the idea. In view of this, we have specially compiled the knowledge about solid wood furniture and wood furniture, and hope that it will help you to correctly distinguish the two.

First, let's look at the difference between the two:

Solid wood furniture refers to the main material is solid wood furniture, which includes the wood furniture, but also includes a series of combination of wood furniture, such as some solid wood furniture is made of solid wood, wood-based panels mixed; wood furniture That is, all solid wood furniture, that is, furniture made of natural wood, does not contain any artificial boards. In this way we can see some differences between the two, the category of solid wood furniture is larger than the original wood furniture.

Second, let's take a look at some of the differences between the two and further distinguish between the two:

1. Log furniture refers to the furniture made of solid wood. The outer skin of the furniture is the same as the material inside, and no artificial board is used. Therefore, the requirements for the production of raw wood furniture are relatively strict. If there is a problem in the production of the ring, it will destroy the stability of the entire furniture, and can not make this piece of furniture.

2. Log furniture can generally see the original natural texture of the wood, showing the characteristics and solid wood furniture are different. The wood furniture is made of natural materials. Without the addition of any artificial boards, the furniture produced is not only fashionable but also very healthy. Relatively speaking, it is relatively easy to distinguish the real natural texture from the artificially processed texture.

3. The difference in price between log furniture and solid wood furniture is also great, because the process of making wooden furniture is complicated and the cost is high, which makes it expensive. The process of making solid wood furniture is relatively simple, saving wood and reducing costs. Therefore, in the identification, we must consider the price of raw materials, labor, production costs and other factors. If the access is large, it may not be log furniture, but solid wood furniture.

Again, the experts gave the following suggestions on how to distinguish the wood furniture:

1. Seriously ask whether the cabinet and door panel of the furniture are “all solid wood” structure, what kind of solid wood board is used, whether it is pure wood board, solid wood finger joint board or solid wood composite splint, whether MDF or particle board stick veneer is used. .

2. Look at the front and back of the surface texture of the main material such as furniture cabinet door, side panel and shelf.

3. Tap the door and the cabinet plate several times by hand. The solid wooden parts give a crisper sound, while the artificial board sounds low.

4. Pay attention to the inside of the furniture, most of the wood has the woody aroma of the tree species, the pine has a rosin taste, the cedar has a light fragrance, the eucalyptus has a distinct eucalyptus taste, etc., but the fiberboard and MDF will have a better A strong pungent odor, especially in the cabinet or in the drawer, which is easier to distinguish.

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