Dongguan vacuum packaging machinery vacuum packaging mold vacuum packaging large machine packaging box

Wooden box vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging wooden box also known as vacuum packaging, Dongguan vacuum packaging is to extract all the air inside the container container and then sealed, maintain aluminum

A foil bag in a highly reduced pressure state, the air bag scarce effect equivalent to hypoxia, microorganisms did not survive the conditions to achieve the anti-health products and Equipment

The purpose of rust, moisture, water, and oxidative discoloration occurs. Aluminum foil vacuum packaging of export products packaging first choice. Wooden box if used to load abroad

To be sterilized, the sterilized wooden box is now called a fumigation wooden box and can be exported to foreign countries after disinfection .

Polypropylene is noted for its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments. This polymer is easily welded and machined. Homopolymer and copolymer grades, as well as, a popular heat-stabilized formulation, are used in various applications throughout the chemical and semiconductor industries. 

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