New research results make future agriculture a step closer to us

Today, the population of the Earth is still growing at an annual rate of 80 million. The new population needs food, which makes the supply of agricultural land and water resources increasingly strained. Fortunately, we understand that we can use science and technology to change unfavorable conditions so that agricultural cultivation will not be constrained by natural conditions.

In the research that AeroFarms showed us, the cultivation of green leafy vegetables can get rid of the dependence on sunlight, soil and pesticides. In artificially grown environments, they can make the water needed to grow vegetables 95% less than traditional methods. Not only that, the intensive farming method allows the output to be larger than the traditional way.

Specifically, AeroFarms uses an intelligent air-planting system where the roots of the crop are in a moderately atomized environment of water, nutrients, and oxygen. With such crop growth conditions coupled with the closedness of the entire system, water resources will never be wasted.

They also use LED lights with special spectrum to replace sunlight. The intensity and frequency of light are adjusted according to the specific conditions of each crop, so the effect of photosynthesis is better than that of sunlight. AeroFarms said that this intelligent lighting can control the size, shape, texture, texture and nutritional content of plants. As for pests, this cultivation method cannot meet the conditions required for the survival of pests, and there is no need for pesticides.

The planting of AeroFarms may be the future of agriculture. It is not limited by the region. The characteristics that can provide stable output are exactly what humans need. On the road to future agriculture, AeroFarms is not alone. Japan’s Toshiba Corp. has transformed an old floppy factory into a robotic lettuce farm, where it can produce 30,000 lettuces a day.

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